Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updated
TourMISLOD: a Tourism Linked Data Set Accept 14,126 31/Oct/2012
Special Issue on Real-time and Ubiquitous Social Semantics Accept 4,983 27/Apr/2012
A collaborative methodology for developing a semantic model for interlinking Cancer Chemoprevention linked data sources Accept 9,573 19/Apr/2013
Using the relation ontology Metarel for modelling Linked Data as multi-digraphs Accept 6,913 10/Jan/2013
Applying Linked Data Approaches to Pharmacology: Architectural Decisions and Implementation Accept 11,932 03/Nov/2012
A Scalable Approach for Statistical Learning in Semantic Graphs Accept 7,580 21/Jan/2013
(Partial) User Preference Similarity as Classification-Based Model Similarity Accept 35,517 21/Jan/2013
An Authority-flow based Ranking Approach to Discover Potential Novel Associations Between Linked Data Accept 6,294 21/Jan/2013
Order Matters! Harnessing a World of Orderings for Reasoning over Massive Data Accept 28,228 24/Oct/2012
An Egocentric Semantic Reference System for Affordances Accept 10,338 10/Jun/2013
User Preferences in the Web of Data Accept 9,403 12/Sep/2012
A Closer Look at the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics Accept 6,817 20/Sep/2013
Complexity of redundancy detection on RDF graphs in the presence of rules, constraints, and queries Accept 7,676 05/Sep/2012
Social Influence Analysis in Microblogging Platforms - A Topic-Sensitive based Approach Accept 177,714 31/Mar/2013
Exploring User and System Requirements of Linked Data Visualization through a Visual Dashboard Approach Accept 9,020 22/Aug/2012
Model Outlines: a Visual Language for DL Concept Descriptions Accept 6,415 29/Aug/2012
How Ontologies Benefit Enterprise Applications Accept 33,305 18/Mar/2013
WebProtégé: A Collaborative Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition Tool for the Web Accept 21,640 07/Jun/2012
Semantic Web and Reasoning for Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries Accept 7,241 28/Aug/2011
Semantic Web – Interoperability, Usability, Applicability Accept 7,846 05/Aug/2011
Semantic Web Surveys and Applications Accept 5,886 05/Aug/2011
Semantic Web Tools and Systems Accept 5,898 05/Aug/2011
Taking flight with OWL2 Accept 5,496 05/Aug/2011
An Architecture of a Distributed Semantic Social Network Accept 17,168 16/Sep/2012
OntoBroker - Mature and approved semantic middleware Accept 22,155 19/Apr/2012
An information model for managing resources and their metadata Accept 25,756 27/Nov/2012
The Bowlogna Ontology: Fostering Open Curricula and Agile Knowledge Bases for Europe’s Higher Education Landscape Accept 7,544 06/Oct/2012
Publishing Bibliographic Data on the Semantic Web using BibBase Accept 18,971 06/Oct/2012
Personal Learning Environments on the Social Semantic Web Accept 10,041 10/Jan/2012
Design and Development of Linked Data from The National Map Accept 10,711 06/Oct/2012