Analysis of Ontologies and Policy Languages to Represent Information Flows in GDPR

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Beatriz Esteves
Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel

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Guest Editors ST 4 Data and Algorithmic Governance 2020

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Survey Article
This article surveys existing vocabularies, ontologies and policy languages that can be used to represent informational items referenced in GDPR rights and obligations, such as the ‘notification of a data breach’, the ‘controller’s identity’ or a ‘DPIA’. Rights and obligations in GDPR are analyzed in terms of information flows between different stakeholders, and a complete collection of 57 different informational items that are mentioned by GDPR is described. 13 privacy-related policy languages and 9 data protection vocabularies and ontologies are studied in relation to this list of informational items. ODRL emerges as the language that can partially represent the highest number of rights and obligations in GDPR if complemented with DPV and GDPRtEXT, since 39 out of the 57 informational items can be modelled. Online supplementary material is provided, including a simple search application and a taxonomy of the identified entities.
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