Designing information models for the etymological dictionary of Silesian geographical names

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Tomasz Kubik

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Eero Hyvonen

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This article aims at contributing to the methodology of the structuring of etymological dictionaries of geographical names and popularization of knowledge regarding the origin of Silesian toponyms. It is based on experiences gathered during the digitization and publication in an electronic form of Słownik Etymologiczny Nazw Geograficznych Śląska, SENGŚ (‘the etymological dictionary of the geographical names of Silesia’) and addresses the problems encountered. The article discusses the rules applied in the compilation of SENGŚ and presents two information models used during the digitalization of this dictionary: a relational model and a graph model. The first one corresponds to standard approaches when designing electronic versions of dictionaries. The second allows creation of solutions conforming to the idea of Linked Open Data, which are deployable as parts of the Semantic Internet. An important aspect also considered was the linking of historical materials listed in the dictionary entries with the corresponding records maintained in digital repositories. This association was realized using Atlas Zasobów Otwartej Nauki, AZON (’Atlas of Open Science Resources’) platform.
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