FarsBase: The Persian Knowledge Graph

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Majid Asgari Bidhendi
Ali Hadian
Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli

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Guest Editors Knowledge Graphs 2018

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Over the last decade, extensive research has been done on automatically constructing knowledge graphs from web resources, resulting in a number of large-scale knowledge graphs such as YAGO, DBpedia, BabelNet, and Wikidata. Despite that some of these knowledge graphs are multilingual, they contain few or no linked data in Persian, and do not support tools for extracting Persian information sources. FarsBase is a multi-source knowledge graph especially designed for semantic search engines in Persian language. FarsBase uses some hybrid and flexible techniques to extract and integrate knowledge from various sources, such as Wikipedia, web tables and unstructured texts. It also supports an entity linking that allow integrating with other knowledge bases. In order to maintain a high accuracy for triples, we adopt a low-cost mechanism for verifying candidate knowledge by human experts, which are assisted by automated heuristics. FarsBase is being used as the semantic-search system of a Persian search engine and efficiently answers hundreds of semantic queries per day.
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