Five Stars of Linked Data Vocabulary Use

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Krzysztof Janowicz, Pascal Hitzler, Benjamin Adams, Dave Kolas, Charles Vardeman II
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In 2010 Tim Berners-Lee introduced a 5 star rating to his Linked Data design issues page to encourage data publishers along the road to good Linked Data. What makes the star rating so effective is its simplicity, clarity, and a pinch of psychology -- is your data 5 star? While there is an abundance of 5 star Linked Data available today, finding, querying, and integrating/interlinking these data is, to say the least, difficult. While the literature has largely focused on describing datasets, e.g., by adding provenance information, or interlinking them, e.g., by co-reference resolution tools, we would like to take Berners-Lee's original proposal to the next level by introducing a 5 star rating for Linked Data vocabulary use.
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