The Nova Scotia Disease Knowledge Graph

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Enayat Rajabi
Rishi Midha
Jairo Francisco de Souza

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Guest Editors KG Validation and Quality

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Dataset Description
The majority of published datasets in open government data are statistical. They are widely published by different governments to be used by the public and data consumers. However, most datasets in open data portals are not provided in RDF format. Moreover, the datasets are isolated from one another, while conceptually connected. Through this paper, a knowledge graph is constructed for the disease-related datasets of a Canadian government data portal, Nova Scotia Open Data. We trans-formed all the disease-related datasets to RDF and enriched them by semantic rules and an external ontology. The study shows that integrating open statistical datasets from multiple sources using ontologies and interlinking them potentially leads to valuable data sources and generates a dense knowledge graph with cross-dimensional information. The ontology designed to develop the graph adheres to best practices and standards, allowing for expansion, modification and flexible re-use.
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