Reengineering application architectures to expose data and logic for the web of data

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Juan Manuel Dodero
Ivan Ruiz-Rube
Manuel Palomo-Duarte

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Aidan Hogan

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Tool/System Report
This paper presents a novel approach to reengineer legacy web applications into Linked Data applications, based on the knowledge of the architecture and source code of the applications. Existing application architectures can be provided with linked data extensions that work either at the model, view, and controller layer. Whereas black-box scraping and wrapping techniques are commonly used to add semantics to existing web applications without changing their source code, this paper presents a reverse engineering approach, which enables the controlled disclosure of the internal functions and data model as Linked Data. The approach has been implemented for different web development frameworks. The reengineering tool is compared with existing linked data engineering solutions in terms of software reliability, maintainability and complexity.
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