Semanticizing Sociability: Documenting Relationships in the context of Cultural Heritage

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Stephen Hart
Karine Léonard Brouillet
Philippe Michon

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Special Issue Cultural Heritage 2021

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Full Paper
Museums are increasingly leveraging the relationships between actors to guide their work and uncover new socio-cultural networks. Better socio-cultural network modelling based on CIDOC CRM—which is not specifically concerned with actor networks but remains the most widely used ontology in the heritage community—would contribute to the discovery, dissemination and enhancement of museum information and would promote inter-institutional collaboration. To achieve this, models must consider complex networks of inter-entity relationships and ways of inferring and representing such relationships. Various ways of representing actors in networks are already available (Bio CRM, Linked.Art, etc.), but none (based on CIDOC CRM) seem to focus on modelling the network itself. This article, after a critical analysis of relationship patterns in relevant models that offer them, proposes a CIDOC CRM-based approach to representing the events that concretize social interactions and relationships. This is done by representing actors’ roles within events, with patterns that are non-hierarchical (one actor does not take precedence over another) and multi- or bi-directional (links between actors are reciprocal) in order to provide a more detailed description of socio-cultural networks.
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