Towards a new approach for the semantic annotation of semi-structured documents

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Abioui Hasna
Ali Idarrou
Ali Bouzit
Driss Mammass

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Claudia d'Amato

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Full Paper
Ontologies remain the focal asset for the effective functioning of semantic search approaches, as they’re able to describe concepts based on a uniform and common vocabulary providing a machine-readable and shareable format. Nowadays, the challenge concerning ontologies exceeds their conception and creation, as a multitude of ontologies are proposed in various domain of applications. Thus, the effective challenge consists of evaluating those ontologies in order to choose the fitting and suitable one. In this paper, we present a new approach to select the convenient ontologies from a set of candidate ontologies by ranking them according to predefined criteria. Our approach takes into account not only the taxonomic structure but also the semantic aspect of the ontology. In addition, we insist on both semantic relations and specific concepts, which must be favored since they reflect the semantic richness of the ontology. By comparing it with a concept-based one, our method shows encouraging results regarding the final selection of ontologies for each document to annotate; when comparing both of methods, the sorting order becomes more accurate and precise since the concept centrality and the type of relations linking it to the other concepts are the main factors that made the difference.
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