Towards an Ontological Approach for Integrating Declarative Mapping Languages

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Ana Iglesias-Molina
Andrea Cimmino
Edna Ruckhaus
David Chaves-Fraga
Raúl García-Castro
Oscar Corcho

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Tania Tudorache

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Ontology Description
Nowadays, Knowledge Graphs are extensively created using very different techniques: tools such as OpenRefine, programming scripts or mapping languages, among them. Focusing on the latter, the wide variety of use cases, data peculiarities, and potential uses has had a substantial impact in how they have been created, extended, and applied. This situation is closely related to the global adoption of these languages and their associated tools. The large number of languages, compliant tools, and usually the lack of information of the combination of both leads users to use other techniques to construct Knowledge Graphs. Often, users choose to create their own ad hoc programming scripts that suit their needs. This choice is normally less reproducible and maintainable, what ultimately affects the quality of the generated RDF data, particularly in long-term scenarios. In this paper, we present the Conceptual Mapping, built as an ontology and designed to represent the expressiveness of existing mapping languages to construct Knowledge Graphs. We devise with this ontology an enhancement to the interoperability of existing mapping languages, which may be achieved in different ways by ensuring the representation of other mappings and by allowing translation among them. This language is built as a result of a thorough analysis of the features and capabilities of current mapping languages, which is presented as a comparative framework.
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