This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
IQA: Interactive SPARQL Query Construction in Semantic Question Answering Systems Reject 998 15/Dec/2018
Towards a Question Answering System over the Semantic Web Accept 505 14/Dec/2018
Studying the Impact of the Full-Network Embedding on Multimodal Pipelines Accept 600 13/Dec/2018
Dynamic Linked Data: The Future is Now Reject (Pre-Screening) 35 12/Dec/2018
Deep Learning for Noise-Tolerant RDFS Reasoning Minor Revision 546 12/Dec/2018
Wan2Vec: Embeddings Learned on Word Association Norms Accept 404 12/Dec/2018
Building Relatedness Explanations from Knowledge Graphs Accept 405 12/Dec/2018
Web services mining: healthcare case study Reject (Pre-Screening) 113 12/Dec/2018
Identifying Topics from Micropost Collections using Linked Open Data Reject (Two Strikes) 783 12/Dec/2018
Semantic-Based Method for Annotation and Ontological Modelling of Real-time Processes: Learning Process Domain Case Study Reject 850 11/Dec/2018
A Visual Modeling Approach for the Semantic Web Rule Language Accept 638 03/Dec/2018
Combining RDF and SPARQL with CP-theories to reason about preferences in a Linked Data setting Accept 2,154 03/Dec/2018
crowd: A Visual Web Tool for Ontology Engineering Reject (Pre-Screening) 87 01/Dec/2018
An Educational Ontology for Semantic Modeling of Curriculum & Syllabus Reject (Pre-Screening) 843 01/Dec/2018
Learning Expressive Linkage Rules from Sparse Data Minor Revision 763 29/Nov/2018
Completeness and Soundness Guarantees for Conjunctive SPARQL Queries over RDF Data Sources with Completeness Statements Accept 778 28/Nov/2018
Using Knowledge Anchors to Facilitate User Exploration of Data Graphs Accept 647 28/Nov/2018
What is a Knowledge Graph? Reject 2,816 19/Nov/2018
Publishing and archiving planned and live public transport events with the Linked~Connections framework Reject 1,552 17/Nov/2018
FarsBase: The Persian Knowledge Graph Major Revision 1,191 17/Nov/2018
On the use of semantic technologies for video analysis and retrieval Reject (Two Strikes) 742 15/Nov/2018
Human Affective States Ontology for Sentiment Analysis Reject 1,002 15/Nov/2018
ABox abduction algorithm for expressive description logics Major Revision 756 14/Nov/2018
DCQE: A RDF Dataset Quality Evaluation Mechanism for Decentralized Systems Reject 776 14/Nov/2018
Semantic Referee: A Neural-Symbolic Framework for Enhancing Geospatial Semantic Segmentation Minor Revision 633 14/Nov/2018
Structurally Mapping Health Data to HL7 FHIR through Ontology Alignment Reject (Pre-Screening) 171 14/Nov/2018
Knowledge Discovery using SPARQL property path: The Case of Disease Dataset Reject (Pre-Screening) 162 14/Nov/2018
VocBench 3: a Collaborative Semantic Web Editor for Ontologies, Thesauri and Lexicons Major Revision 1,237 14/Nov/2018
Difficulty-level Modeling of Ontology-based Factual Questions Accept 1,147 06/Nov/2018