This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort ascending Updated
Complexity of redundancy detection on RDF graphs in the presence of rules, constraints, and queries Accept 9,552 05/Sep/2012
Multilingual Linked Data Patterns Accept 9,498 20/Apr/2016
The Knowledge Reengineering Bottleneck Accept 9,453 08/Dec/2010
Towards the Ubiquitous Web Accept 9,446 08/Dec/2010
Ripple Down Rules for Question Answering Accept 9,402 08/Apr/2018
Linking Earth and Climate Science: Semantic Search Supporting Investigation of Climate Change Reject and Resubmit 9,382 01/Sep/2012
A semantic model for scholarly electronic publishing in Biomedical Sciences Accept 9,317 04/Apr/2013
Semantic Web and Reasoning for Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries Accept 9,316 28/Aug/2011
Linked Data Quality of DBpedia, Freebase, OpenCyc, Wikidata, and YAGO Accept 9,270 11/Sep/2018
DBnary: Wiktionary as a Lemon-Based Multilingual Lexical Resource in RDF Accept 9,126 20/Apr/2016
PAROLE/SIMPLE ‘lemon’ ontology and lexicons Accept 9,003 20/Apr/2016
Semantic Quran a Multilingual Resource for Natural-Language Processing Accept 8,862 20/Apr/2016
Ontop: Answering SPARQL Queries over Relational Databases Accept 8,833 08/Apr/2018
Digital Heritage: Semantic Challenges of Long-term Preservation Accept 8,830 08/Dec/2010
The Semantic Web Needs More Cognition Accept 8,809 08/Dec/2010
Geospatial Dataset Curation through a Location-based Game Accept 8,804 20/Apr/2016
The Digital Earth as Knowledge Engine Accept 8,797 15/Jun/2012
Time Ontology Extended for Non-Gregorian Calendar Applications Accept 8,735 15/Mar/2017
Translational research combining orthologous genes and human diseases with the OGOLOD dataset Accept 8,675 31/Mar/2013
A Closer Look at the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics Accept 8,659 20/Sep/2013
Using the relation ontology Metarel for modelling Linked Data as multi-digraphs Accept 8,638 10/Jan/2013
Presenting and Preserving the Change in Taxonomic Knowledge for Linked Data Accept 8,582 15/Mar/2017
PPROC, an Ontology for Transparency in Public Procurement Accept 8,574 15/Mar/2017
Natural Language Generation in the context of the Semantic Web Accept 8,503 06/Sep/2013
Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia Accept 8,496 15/Mar/2017
EARTh: an Environmental Application Reference Thesaurus in the Linked Open Data Cloud Accept 8,495 26/Aug/2013
Preface - RR2010 Special Issue Accept 8,458 06/Sep/2013
Public spending as LOD: the case of Greece Accept 8,439 20/Apr/2016
The RÉPENER Linked Dataset Accept 8,427 20/Apr/2016