This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort descending
Semantic Human-Machine Computation Workflows Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,347 23/Mar/2016
Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets Using Semantic Resources Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,986 23/Mar/2016
A Framework for Real-Time Semantic Social Media Analysis Major Revision 4,803 01/Apr/2016
Semantic answer graphs for keyword queries on RDF/RDFS graphs Reject 4,103 06/Apr/2016
Core Techniques of Ontology-Based Question Answering Systems: a Survey Reject 3,626 06/Apr/2016
A Foundation Ontology for Global City Indicators Reject 4,849 15/Apr/2016
C-SWRL: SWRL for Continuous Reasoning over Stream Data Reject 3,519 18/Apr/2016
Defeasibility in Answer Set Programs with Defaults and Argumentation Rules Accept 12,151 20/Apr/2016
Resource-Constrained Reasoning Using a Reasoner Composition Approach Accept 9,422 20/Apr/2016
A Dialogue with Linked Data: Voice-based Access to Market Data in the Sahel Accept 8,651 20/Apr/2016
The Humanitarian eXchange Language: Coordinating Disaster Response with Semantic Web Technologies Accept 8,431 20/Apr/2016
Solving Guesstimation Problems Using the Semantic Web: Four Lessons from an Application Accept 8,868 20/Apr/2016
DBpedia - A Large-scale, Multilingual Knowledge Base Extracted from Wikipedia Accept 98,631 20/Apr/2016
Public spending as LOD: the case of Greece Accept 11,118 20/Apr/2016
Converting neXtProt into Linked Data and nanopublications Accept 10,543 20/Apr/2016
eagle-i: biomedical research resource datasets Accept 10,440 20/Apr/2016
The RÉPENER Linked Dataset Accept 11,375 20/Apr/2016
Geospatial Dataset Curation through a Location-based Game Accept 11,584 20/Apr/2016
Migrating Bibliographic Datasets to the Semantic Web: the AGRIS case Accept 10,708 20/Apr/2016
Linked SDMX Data Accept 24,485 20/Apr/2016
WYSIWYM -- Integrated Visualization, Exploration and Authoring of Semantically Enriched Un-structured Content Accept 10,260 20/Apr/2016
Collaborative multilingual knowledge management based on controlled natural language Accept 15,108 20/Apr/2016
OntoWiki - An Authoring, Publication and Visualization Interface for the Data Web Accept 10,593 20/Apr/2016 Language-Related Information for the Linguistic Linked Data Cloud Accept 17,914 20/Apr/2016
Using ontologies to model human navigation behavior in information networks: A study based on Wikipedia Accept 10,897 20/Apr/2016
Converting the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexicon into RDF with lemon Accept 11,015 20/Apr/2016
OLiA – Ontologies of Linguistic Annotation Accept 16,557 20/Apr/2016
lemonUby - a large, interlinked, syntactically-rich lexical resource for ontologies Accept 10,348 20/Apr/2016
PAROLE/SIMPLE ‘lemon’ ontology and lexicons Accept 12,398 20/Apr/2016