This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
A Holistic View over Ontologies for Streaming Linked Data Major Revision 642 02/Feb/2023
Engineering User-centered Explanations to Query Answers in Ontology-driven Socio-technical Systems Accept 652 09/Dec/2022
Explanation Ontology: A General-Purpose, Semantic Representation for Supporting User-Centered Explanations Accept 652 12/Jan/2023
Conjunctive query answering over unrestricted OWL 2 ontologies Major Revision 668 11/Jan/2023
TermIt: Managing Legal Thesauri Major Revision 671 23/Jan/2023
NeuSIRE: Neural-Symbolic Image Representation and Enrichment for Visual Understanding and Reasoning Major Revision 676 23/Jan/2023
Is Neuro-Symbolic AI Meeting its Promises in Natural Language Processing? A Structured Review Accept 676 20/Oct/2022
When one Logic is Not Enough: Integrating First-order Annotations in OWL Ontologies Minor Revision 678 11/Jan/2023
ConSolid: a Federated Ecosystem for Heterogeneous Multi-Stakeholder Projects Minor Revision 679 11/Jan/2023
CANARD: An Approach for Generating Expressive Correspondences based on Alignment Need and ABox-based Relation Discovery Major Revision 684 19/Oct/2022
Developing an Upper Ontology of Behaviour: An Online Collaborative Approach Reject 687 11/Jan/2023
LOD4Culture: Easy Exploration of Cultural Heritage Linked Open Data Major Revision 694 11/Jan/2023
HyproBert: A fake news detection model based on deep hyper context Reject (Pre-Screening) 704 31/Oct/2022
OntoSeer - A Recommendation System to Improve the Quality of Ontologies Major Revision 715 23/Jan/2023
DIAERESIS: RDF Data Partitioning and Query Processing on SPARK Major Revision 722 23/Jan/2023
Applying Ontology Engineering to build a Poetry Domain Ontology. Reject 729 11/Jan/2023
A Graph-based Approach for Inferring Semantic Descriptions of Wikipedia Tables Major Revision 739 11/Jan/2023
ROH: Towards a highly usable and flexible knowledge model for the academic and research domains Reject (Two Strikes) 746 11/Jan/2023
A dynamic HDT variant Reject 753 11/Jan/2023
Interpretable Ontology Extension in Chemistry Accept 761 10/Oct/2022
Understanding the Structure of Knowledge Graphs with ABSTAT Profiles Accept 774 11/Jan/2023
Editorial of the Special Issue on Cultural Heritage and Semantic Web Accept 775 20/Jul/2022
Semantic representation of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly offsite housing Reject (Two Strikes) 785 29/Jul/2022
ciTIzen-centric DatA pLatform (TIDAL): Sharing Distributed Personal Data in a Privacy-Preserving Manner for Health Research Accept 786 21/Oct/2022
Knowledge Graphs for Enhancing Transparency in Health Data Ecosystems Accept 790 19/Jan/2023
Enhancing Awareness of Industrial Robots in Collaborative Manufacturing Major Revision 802 13/Jan/2023
MigrationsKB: A Knowledge Base of Public Attitudes towards Migrations and their Driving Factors Reject (Pre-Screening) 804 09/Apr/2022
IMOLA: interconnecting Land Registry in Europe Reject 808 05/Feb/2023
Terminology and Ontology Development for Semantic Annotation: A Use Case on Sepsis and Adverse Events Accept 824 11/Jan/2023