This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Cross-lingual Transfer of Abstractive Summarizer to Low-Resource Language Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,078 09/Apr/2021
Knowledge graphs for common-sense scientific question answering Major Revision 1,080 10/Feb/2022
Components.js: Semantic Dependency Injection Accept 1,085 09/Jan/2022
SHAPEness: a SHACL-driven RDF Graph Editor Reject 1,097 22/Mar/2022
Detecting situations of importance with Stream Reasoning on live health IoT data Major Revision 1,102 26/Jan/2022
Answer Selection in Community Question Answering Exploiting Knowledge Graph and Context Information Accept 1,105 07/Mar/2022
NagO- an ontology on UK dependent territories, their link to the Nagoya Protocol policy framework and terminology from related domains Major Revision 1,105 16/Feb/2022
Diverse Data! Diverse Schemata? Accept 1,123 18/Nov/2021
CURIOCITY: A Cultural Heritage Ontology for Urban Tourism Reject (Two Strikes) 1,132 05/Jan/2022
A Survey on Transfer Learning using Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,137 28/Dec/2021
Turkish Discourse Relation Classification via Pre-trained Language Models Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,138 07/Mar/2021
Semantic and Inference based techniques to discover Architectural barriers and Escape Routes to Disabled Persons in Building Information Models Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,166 05/Mar/2021
The Nova Scotia Disease Knowledge Graph Reject 1,171 19/Jan/2022
Classification of Fake News over COVID-19 using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,191 04/Feb/2021
GQA_{RDF}: An Efficient SPARQL Query Answering Engine on RDF Graphs Reject 1,197 04/Mar/2022
Intelligent Energy Systems Ontology to support markets and power systems co-simulation interoperability Reject 1,200 27/Jan/2022
Online SPARQL Aggregate Queries Processing with Web Preemption Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,228 14/Feb/2021
Deep Understanding of Everyday Activity Commands for Household Robots Accept 1,236 24/Mar/2022
Characteristic Sets Profile Features: Estimation and Application to SPARQL Query Planning Accept 1,258 29/Mar/2022
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Building System Operations with Semantic Modeling Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,267 20/Jan/2021
Analyzing Biography Collections Historiographically as Linked Data: Case National Biography of Finland Accept 1,279 05/Jan/2022
Flexible, Collaborative and Multi-type Ontology-based Security Analysis of Industrial Systems Reject 1,287 04/Feb/2022
Semantic Fabric for Mapping Logistic Services using Ontology: Knowledge Inference Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,312 02/Feb/2021
Source Based Theory Driven Deception Detection Model Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,322 02/Feb/2021
A New Hybrid Approach for Measuring Semantic Similarity for Arabic Text using the Lemmatization Technique Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,325 15/Jan/2021
Methodologies for publishing linked open government data on the web: a systematic mapping and a unified process model Accept 1,333 27/Jan/2022
Semantics and Canonicalisation of SPARQL 1.1 Accept 1,335 26/Dec/2021
Building Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graphs from Vectorized Topographic Historical Maps Accept 1,338 23/Feb/2022
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,358 09/Jan/2022