This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Ce qui est écrit et ce qui est parlé. CRMtex for modelling textual entities on the Semantic Web Accept 3,011 30/Nov/2020
Video Representation and Suspicious Event Detection using Semantic Technologies Accept 3,017 10/Sep/2020
A New Open Information Extraction System Using Sentence Difficulty Estimation Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,021 05/Nov/2017
A Performance Study of RDF Stores for Linked Sensor Data Major Revision 3,022 04/Nov/2019
An Educational Ontology for Semantic Modeling of Curriculum & Syllabus Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,026 01/Dec/2018
An Ontology-based Automation System: A Case Study of Citrus Fertilization Reject 3,031 02/May/2019
SCOnt, an Ontology for crime solving through Social Media Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,037 08/Mar/2016
A Linked Data Wrapper for CrunchBase Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,038 07/Feb/2016
Timeline Binder: A Caption-based Approach for Creating Semantic Video Timeline Reject 3,040 08/Jul/2021
On the use of semantic technologies for video analysis and retrieval Reject (Two Strikes) 3,058 13/Feb/2019
Towards a semantic edge processing of sensor data in a smart factory Reject 3,062 11/Jan/2020
The Semantically Mapping Science (SMS) Platform: Towards an Open Linked Data Infrastructure for Social Science Research Major Revision 3,066 01/May/2019
Web Content Extraction Using Contextual Rules Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,069 02/Oct/2015
Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets Using Semantic Resources Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,069 23/Mar/2016
Combining Chronicle Mining and Semantics for Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Processes Accept 3,075 02/Oct/2020
A Framework for Web Based Language Independent Semantic Question Answering System Reject 3,088 22/May/2019
An SQL to SPARQL mapping algorithm for RDF querying without instances translation Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,103 22/Sep/2015
Storage, Partitioning, Indexing and Retrieval in Big RDF Frameworks: A Survey Reject 3,109 27/Mar/2020
RDF Graph Partitioning: Techniques and Empirical Evaluation Reject 3,111 29/Jul/2019
Job Size Optimized Map-Side Join Processing with Abstract RDF Data Filtering Reject 3,116 10/Oct/2016
Improving Content-based Recommendations with Semantic Enrichment: the Infinite Trailers Case Study Reject (Two Strikes) 3,129 03/Nov/2016
Towards a Forensic Event Ontology to Assist Video Surveillance-based Vandalism Detection Reject 3,135 15/Jan/2018
Typology-based Semantic Labeling of Numeric Tabular Data Accept 3,146 17/Sep/2020
Sparkle -- Enriched Graphical SPARQL Query Builder Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,153 20/Mar/2015
Identifying Topics from Micropost Collections using Linked Open Data Reject (Two Strikes) 3,159 11/Jan/2019
Constrained Cyberspace: The Primary Market for Internet Domain Names Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,159 24/Mar/2015
User Profile Ontology for the Internet of Things Reject 3,171 23/Jan/2020
Ontology Verbalization using Semantic-Refinement Reject 3,180 27/Feb/2019
A challenge for historical research: making data FAIR using a collaborative ontology management environment (OntoME) Accept 3,186 26/Nov/2020