This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
VSSo: a Vehicle Signal and Attribute Ontology for the Web of Things Major Revision 1,803 03/Apr/2019
Semantic-based News Impact Framework (SNIF) Using Wikipedia Mining and Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,808 26/Feb/2016
Perspectives in Knowledge Formalization for Scientific Collaborative Research: the case of Plastic pollution in the sea Reject 1,809 30/Aug/2018
SPARQL2FLINK: Evaluation of SPARQL queries on Apache Flink Reject 1,810 27/Oct/2019
Text Mining for Community Memberships Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,812 14/Feb/2016
ADEL: ADaptable Entity Linking Minor Revision 1,812 07/Sep/2018
Semantic Programming Framework for developing ontology-controlled Applications Reject 1,818 05/Sep/2019
ABox abduction algorithm for expressive description logics Major Revision 1,831 14/Nov/2018
The Qanary Question Answering Ecosystem Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,831 10/Nov/2016
An ontology based approach to assessment in medical education Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,838 13/Feb/2017
DCQE: A RDF Dataset Quality Evaluation Mechanism for Decentralized Systems Reject 1,839 14/Nov/2018
Developing a Human Affective States and their Influences Ontology Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,841 12/Aug/2017
An Overview of Ontology Technology and Applications Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,842 09/May/2017
Incorporating Link Information from Linked Open Data for Movie Recommendation Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,842 15/Dec/2017
Modeling the semantic web user interface Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,844 03/Aug/2016
Genetic algorithm based Linked data fusion approach Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,846 01/Feb/2016
Identifying Topics from Micropost Collections using Linked Open Data Reject (Two Strikes) 1,851 11/Jan/2019
Building Knowledge Graphs About Political Agents in the Age of Misinformation Reject 1,864 31/Oct/2018
A Novel Alignment Algorithm for Effective Web Data Extraction from Detail-pages Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,875 21/May/2017
Ontology Verbalization using Semantic-Refinement Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,886 02/Jan/2017
Generalized neural embeddings for link prediction in knowledge graphs: training, evaluation, explanation Reject 1,897 27/Jan/2019
An intelligent framework for the semantic web Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,908 11/May/2016
Enabling Curriculum Exploration through Linked Data Visualizations Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,915 24/Jul/2017 An Interoperable Framework for Web Knowledge Bases Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,918 13/Jan/2016
Empirical Methodology for Crowdsourcing Ground Truth Accept 1,933 20/May/2019
A Linked Data Wrapper for CrunchBase Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,939 07/Feb/2016
A Systematic Survey of Temporal Requirements of Bio-Health Ontologies Accept 1,950 20/May/2019
Raising Semantics-Awareness in Geospatial Metadata Management Reject (Two Strikes) 1,959 20/Dec/2017
Semantic Modeling for Engineering Data Analytics Solutions Accept 1,959 11/May/2019