This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
SFIE: The Semantic Framework for Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,235 21/Oct/2014
Building Relatedness Explanations from Knowledge Graphs Accept 2,260 05/Mar/2019
Studying the Impact of the Full-Network Embedding on Multimodal Pipelines Accept 2,268 25/Apr/2019
A New Logic-Based Approach for the Matching of Goals and Semantic Web Services: Logical Inference Based Discovery Agent Reject 2,276 19/Sep/2016
Design of Ontology for Launch Vehicle Mission Simulation Software Generation Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,294 22/Oct/2015
Semantic technological framework for integrating software paradigms in organizational solutions. Reject 2,298 30/May/2018
Validating and Describing Linked Data Portals using Shapes Reject 2,311 21/Nov/2016
CAMS-KG: a Classical Arabic Morpho-Semantic Knowledge Graph Reject 2,317 10/Jun/2019
A Proposed Semantic Model for Knowledge Base Completion: Accurate Discovery of Missing Facts based on Deductive Techniques Reject 2,327 11/Apr/2017
Facilitating Filtering of Web Feature Services with their Automated Description Reject 2,328 24/Mar/2018
District-Scale Data Integration by Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies – a Case in Smart Cities Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,330 27/Apr/2017
Ontology for the Domain of IT Benchmarking Reject 2,331 03/Jan/2017
Semantic Technologies and Interoperability in the Built Environment Accept 2,336 14/Aug/2018
A Visual Modeling Approach for the Semantic Web Rule Language Accept 2,339 03/Dec/2018
Mining Linked Data by Using the J48 Classification Algorithm on Résumés Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,346 13/Jul/2017
Extracting Semantic Topics from Microblogs Reject 2,349 29/Sep/2017
EMBench++: Benchmark Data for Thorough Evaluation of Matching-Related Methods Accept 2,355 12/Sep/2018
On the representation and awareness of context for underwater robots in marine environments Reject 2,363 28/Apr/2017
ALIGATOR: A LINKed data naviGATOR Framework Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,370 01/Apr/2015
Completeness and Soundness Guarantees for Conjunctive SPARQL Queries over RDF Data Sources with Completeness Statements Accept 2,396 29/Jan/2019
Question Answering on RDF KBs using Controlled Natural Language and Semantic Autocompletion Reject (Two Strikes) 2,400 09/Oct/2017
Improving Readability Of Online Privacy Policies Through DOOP: A Domain Ontology For Online Privacy Major Revision 2,409 06/Aug/2019
A simple reasoning tool for novice users Reject 2,416 17/Dec/2013
Reproducible Query Performance Assessment of Scalable RDF Storage Solutions Reject (Two Strikes) 2,416 26/May/2018
Enhanced E-Learning through semantic web and linked data annotation Reject 2,422 11/Nov/2013
On minimal intermediate results in zero-knowledge federation Reject 2,423 06/Mar/2017 An Interoperable Framework for Web Knowledge Bases Reject 2,424 09/Jul/2016
Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) Expressiveness Extensions Reject 2,426 23/Aug/2017
Identifying Global Common Concepts of DBpedia Ontology to Enhance Multilingual Ontologized Space Expansion Reject 2,430 25/Jul/2016