This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Aethalides: An Ontology-Driven News Classification Framework Reject 3,899 15/Dec/2017
Web Browser Personalization: Design of a Client-Side Web page Access Prediction Algorithm Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,903 08/Dec/2010
MASTRO at Work: Real-world application of Ontology-based Data Access Reject and Resubmit 3,909 03/Mar/2011
Similarity-based Browsing over Linked Open Data Reject and Resubmit 3,925 20/Jun/2011
Ranking Semantic Web Access Control Systems Reject 3,927 20/Nov/2017
A pattern system for information flow control on the Internet Reject and Resubmit 3,938 15/Jul/2013
Interoperable read-write Linked Data application development with the LDP4j framework Reject 3,960 28/Oct/2015
Semantic Web Rules and Ontologies for Developing Personalized Mashups Reject and Resubmit 3,967 11/Jul/2011
A survey of Arabic language Support in Semantic web Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,968 08/Dec/2010
An Approach for Distributed Reasoning on the Semantic Web Reject and Resubmit 3,969 08/Dec/2010
HyS: Fast Atomic Decomposition and Module Extraction of OWL-EL ontologies Major Revision 3,971 06/Jul/2015
A Fuzzy Spatial Description Logic for the Semantic Web Reject 3,972 02/May/2018
The FLERSA Tool: Annotating Web Content Reject and Resubmit 3,975 03/Mar/2011
The Thin Red Line - To What Extent can Crowd Workers Emulate the Performance of Experts? Reject 3,985 30/Sep/2015
Visual Querying LOD sources with LODeX Reject 3,985 02/Sep/2015
The use of OWL for Spatial Knowledge based Applications Reject and Resubmit 3,991 03/Mar/2011
SpecINT: A framework for data integration over cheminformatics and bioinformatics RDF repositories Accept 3,991 28/Aug/2018
Ontology Alignment using Machine Learning Techniques Reject 3,993 14/May/2011
A Natural Language Interface to Semantic Web using Modular Query Patterns A complete presentation of the SWIP system Major Revision 3,995 02/Apr/2015
Semantic integration of TV data and services: A survey on challenges, and approaches Reject and Resubmit 4,001 17/Jun/2011
LinkZoo: A collaborative resource management tool based on Linked Data Reject 4,009 21/Apr/2015
Editorial: Special Issue on Quality Management of Semantic Web Assets (Data, Services and Systems) Accept 4,009 15/Nov/2017
loomp - mashup authoring and semantic annotation using linked data Major Revision 4,022 26/Jan/2017
A Closer Look at the Semantic Web Journal's Review Process Accept 4,023 02/Jan/2019
Web to Semantic Web and Role of Ontology in its Development Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,028 08/Dec/2010
A Framework for Real-Time Semantic Social Media Analysis Major Revision 4,030 01/Apr/2016
KOMMA: An Application Framework for Ontology-based Software Systems Reject and Resubmit 4,034 03/Mar/2011
Multi-viewpoint ontology construction and classification by non-experts and crowdsourcing: the case of diet effect on health Major Revision 4,036 19/Jul/2015
Semantic Web and Human Computation: the Status of an Emerging Field Accept 4,037 19/May/2019