This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Data journeys: knowledge representation and extraction Major Revision 1,206 16/May/2022
MADLINK: Attentive Multihop and Entity Descriptions for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,223 16/Mar/2022
An Ontology Framework for Smart City Based on Cyber-Physical Systems Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,250 04/May/2021
FIDES: An Ontology-based approach for making Machine Learning systems Accountable Major Revision 1,250 25/Apr/2022
Cross-lingual Transfer of Abstractive Summarizer to Low-Resource Language Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,272 09/Apr/2021
Knowledge graphs for common-sense scientific question answering Major Revision 1,274 10/Feb/2022
Detecting situations of importance with Stream Reasoning on live health IoT data Major Revision 1,279 26/Jan/2022
Towards Welding Knowledge Models as ISO-Driven and Standardized Ontologies Reject 1,290 20/May/2022
Turkish Discourse Relation Classification via Pre-trained Language Models Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,290 07/Mar/2021
Network representation learning method embedding linear and nonlinear network structures Accept 1,291 31/Dec/2021
Tab2KG: Semantic Table Interpretation with Lightweight Semantic Profiles Accept 1,304 03/Mar/2022
Modelling Digital Health Data: the ExaMode Ontology for Histopathology Reject 1,318 28/Apr/2022
A Survey on Knowledge-Aware News Recommender Systems Accept 1,318 28/Feb/2022
Taxonomy Enrichment with Text and Graph Vector Representations Accept 1,323 28/Dec/2021
SHAPEness: a SHACL-driven RDF Graph Editor Reject 1,326 22/Mar/2022
Classification of Fake News over COVID-19 using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,339 04/Feb/2021
CURIOCITY: A Cultural Heritage Ontology for Urban Tourism Reject (Two Strikes) 1,340 05/Jan/2022
NagO- an ontology on UK dependent territories, their link to the Nagoya Protocol policy framework and terminology from related domains Major Revision 1,341 16/Feb/2022
Analyzing the generalizability of the network-based topic emergence identification method Accept 1,352 28/Dec/2021
The Nova Scotia Disease Knowledge Graph Reject 1,359 19/Jan/2022
Semantic and Inference based techniques to discover Architectural barriers and Escape Routes to Disabled Persons in Building Information Models Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,361 05/Mar/2021
Online SPARQL Aggregate Queries Processing with Web Preemption Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,377 14/Feb/2021
Neural Entity Linking: A Survey of Models Based on Deep Learning Accept 1,409 11/Feb/2022
Answer Selection in Community Question Answering Exploiting Knowledge Graph and Context Information Accept 1,422 07/Mar/2022
Components.js: Semantic Dependency Injection Accept 1,441 09/Jan/2022
Characteristic Sets Profile Features: Estimation and Application to SPARQL Query Planning Accept 1,451 29/Mar/2022
Diverse Data! Diverse Schemata? Accept 1,453 18/Nov/2021
GQA_{RDF}: An Efficient SPARQL Query Answering Engine on RDF Graphs Reject 1,457 04/Mar/2022
A Survey on Transfer Learning using Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,458 28/Dec/2021