This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
OWLIM: A family of scalable semantic repositories Accept 16,363 05/Jan/2011
Is Question Answering fit for the Semantic Web?: a Survey. Accept 16,586 06/Oct/2012
CiTO + SWAN: The Web Semantics of Bibliographic Records, Citations, Evidence and Discourse Relationships Accept 16,699 04/Jan/2013
TourMISLOD: a Tourism Linked Data Set Accept 16,830 31/Oct/2012
Transition of Legacy Systems to Semantic Enabled Application: TAO Method and Tools Accept 17,101 06/Oct/2012
Facebook Linked Data via the Graph API Accept 17,267 11/Sep/2012
Making Sense of Social Media Streams through Semantics: a Survey Accept 17,270 02/Apr/2013
Aligning Tweets with Events: Automation via Semantics Accept 17,480 22/Jun/2011
Can we ever catch up with the Web? Accept 18,113 08/Dec/2010
Semantic Turkey: A Browser-Integrated Environment for Knowledge Acquisition and Management Accept 18,132 06/Oct/2012
LinkedGeoData: A Core for a Web of Spatial Open Data Accept 18,682 08/Nov/2011
Five Challenges for the Semantic Sensor Web Accept 19,059 08/Dec/2010
OWLlink Accept 19,205 08/Dec/2010
The Collections Ontology: creating and handling collections in OWL 2 DL frameworks Accept 19,222 24/Aug/2013
PowerAqua: supporting users in querying and exploring the Semantic Web content Accept 19,376 06/Oct/2012
Preventing Interoperability Problems Instead of Solving Them Accept 19,664 08/Dec/2010
A Taskonomy for the Semantic Web Accept 19,755 08/Dec/2010
Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV): a gateway to reusable semantic vocabularies on the Web Accept 20,227 08/Apr/2018
Bringing Relational Databases into the Semantic Web: A Survey Accept 20,257 06/Oct/2012
Linked SDMX Data Accept 20,441 20/Apr/2016
Quality Assessment for Linked Data: A Survey Accept 20,662 15/Mar/2017
Ontologies and Languages for Representing Mathematical Knowledge on the Semantic Web Accept 21,441 05/Jul/2012
The Use of Semantic Web Technologies for Decision Support - A Survey Accept 21,980 23/Oct/2012
Lifecycle Models of Data-centric Systems and Domains Accept 22,305 29/Jan/2012
Amsterdam Museum Linked Open Data Accept 22,662 23/Aug/2012
An Architecture of a Distributed Semantic Social Network Accept 22,869 16/Sep/2012
Ontology of Units of Measure and Related Concepts Accept 23,734 12/Jun/2012
Contextual Information Retrieval in Research Articles: Semantic Publishing Tools for the Research Community Accept 23,969 03/Jan/2013
Comparison of Reasoners for large Ontologies in the OWL 2 EL Profile Accept 24,349 06/Oct/2012