This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort ascending Updated
Special Issue on Stream Reasoning Accept 3,300 25/Mar/2019
Semantic Similarity Assessment Based on Mutual Information Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,284 27/Oct/2013
Question Answering on RDF KBs using Controlled Natural Language and Semantic Autocompletion Reject (Two Strikes) 3,278 09/Oct/2017
A Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Events Extraction out of Arabic Tweets Reject 3,269 10/Jul/2017
CBASeRA: A Compiler Based Approach towards Semantic Requirements Analysis Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,269 31/Jan/2013
Facilitating Filtering of Web Feature Services with their Automated Description Reject 3,263 24/Mar/2018
An Intelligent Ontology Alignment Tool Dealing with Complicated Mismatches [EKAW] reject 3,263 09/Dec/2014
LOPDF: A Framework for Extracting and Producing Linked Open Data of Scientific Documents Reject 3,260 20/Nov/2017
Empirical Methodology for Crowdsourcing Ground Truth Accept 3,250 26/Nov/2020
Logical Foundations for Data Interlinking with Keys and Link Keys Reject 3,250 05/Nov/2019
Semantic technological framework for integrating software paradigms in organizational solutions. Reject 3,245 30/May/2018
An Approach to Knowledge Formalization [EKAW] reject 3,244 29/Jan/2015
TermPicker: Enabling the Reuse of Vocabulary Terms by Exploiting Data from the Linked Open Data Cloud Reject 3,243 14/Dec/2015
Thematic Linked Data Matching: an Approach based on Geographic Reference Data Reject 3,235 11/Mar/2016
On The Role of Knowledge Graphs in Explainable AI Accept 3,223 16/Dec/2019
Genetic-Fuzzy Programming Based Linkage Rule Miner (GFPLR-Miner) For Entity Linking In Semantic Web Reject 3,223 25/Sep/2017
Me4MAP V1.0: A method for the development of metadata application profiles Reject 3,220 16/Jul/2018
Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Big Data Integration Accept 3,219 16/Dec/2019
RML Mapper: a tool for uniform Linked Data generation from heterogeneous data Reject 3,195 07/Feb/2018
Operations on RDF(S) Ontologies: A Category Theoretic Approach Reject 3,193 28/Jul/2016
C-SWRL: SWRL for Continuous Reasoning over Stream Data Reject 3,191 18/Apr/2016
A Web Interface to a Probabilistic OWL Reasoner Reject 3,187 14/Dec/2015
Mining Linked Data by Using the J48 Classification Algorithm on Résumés Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,185 13/Jul/2017
EVALUATING THE NEED OF PROV IN OWL Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,185 17/Mar/2014
CAMS-KG: a Classical Arabic Morpho-Semantic Knowledge Graph Reject 3,176 10/Jun/2019
Reproducible Query Performance Assessment of Scalable RDF Storage Solutions Reject (Two Strikes) 3,167 26/May/2018
District-Scale Data Integration by Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies – a Case in Smart Cities Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,158 27/Apr/2017
OntoAndalus: an ontology of Islamic artefacts for terminological purposes Accept 3,157 10/Sep/2020
Generalized neural embeddings for link prediction in knowledge graphs: training, evaluation, explanation Reject 3,155 27/Jan/2019