This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Automatic evaluation of complex alignments: an instance-based approach Minor Revision 747 06/Apr/2020
Modeling Execution Techniques of Inscriptions Accept 419 06/Apr/2020
Pattern-based design applied to cultural heritage knowledge graphs Major Revision 903 06/Apr/2020
Ce qui est écrit et ce qui est parlé. CRMtex for modelling textual entities on the Semantic Web Major Revision 925 06/Apr/2020
Overcoming Shortage of Training Data for Cultural Heritage Analysis Reject 881 06/Apr/2020
A decade of Semantic Web research through the lenses of a mixed methods approach Accept 1,658 06/Apr/2020
Ontologies for Observations and Actuations in Buildings: A Survey Accept 490 04/Apr/2020
Data-driven Assessment of Structural Evolution of RDF Graphs Accept 1,324 02/Apr/2020
Automatic Detection of Relation Assertion Errors and Induction of Relation Constraints Accept 1,210 02/Apr/2020
Large-Scale Semantic Exploration of Scientific Literature using Topic-based Hashing Algorithms Accept 1,161 01/Apr/2020
Difficulty-level Modeling of Ontology-based Factual Questions Accept 2,968 01/Apr/2020
VocBench 3: a Collaborative Semantic Web Editor for Ontologies, Thesauri and Lexicons Accept 1,667 01/Apr/2020
Machine Learning for the Semantic Web: Lessons Learnt and Next Research Directions Accept 2,161 01/Apr/2020
RDFAdaptor: A set of ETL plugins for RDF data processing Reject 484 31/Mar/2020
Deploying Spatial-Stream Query Answering in C-ITS Scenarios Accept 460 31/Mar/2020
Knowledge Graph OLAP: A Multidimensional Model and Query Operations for Contextualized Knowledge Graphs Major Revision 1,736 31/Mar/2020
An Unsupervised Approach to Disjointness Learning based on Terminological Cluster Trees Minor Revision 1,216 31/Mar/2020
Prelude for an ontology of documentary musical data. A conceptual analysis of FRBR(oo) Reject 657 30/Mar/2020
A challenge for historical research: making data FAIR using a collaborative ontology management environment (OntoME) Major Revision 914 30/Mar/2020
Gravsearch: transforming SPARQL to query humanities data Minor Revision 426 30/Mar/2020
CMDI Roadmap: Visualization, Interaction and Analysis of Heterogeneous Textbook Resources Reject (Pre-Screening) 34 30/Mar/2020
Storage, Partitioning, Indexing and Retrieval in Big RDF Frameworks: A Survey Reject 1,675 27/Mar/2020
Introducing the Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV) Accept 865 26/Mar/2020
Challenge-derived design principles for a semantic gazetteer for medieval and early modern places Accept 775 23/Mar/2020
Typology-based Semantic Labeling of Numeric Tabular Data Accept 520 19/Mar/2020
Ontology Alignment Revisited: A Bibliometric Narrative Reject 546 11/Mar/2020
Finding the appropriate relations between concepts of knowledge resources: challenges and key points of improvement Reject (Pre-Screening) 212 07/Mar/2020
A Domain Categorisation of Vocabularies Based on a Deep Learning Reject 2,391 06/Mar/2020
A Survey of OpenRefine Reconciliation Services Reject (Pre-Screening) 213 02/Mar/2020