This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Boosting Document Retrieval with Knowledge Extraction and Linked Data Accept 4,185 28/Aug/2018
The LinkedUp Data Catalogue: A Meta-Dataset of Linked Datasets in the Education Domain Major Revision 4,193 22/Jan/2015
One Size Does Not Fit All: Logic-based Clustering for On-the-fly Semantic Web Service Composition and Verification Reject 4,193 22/Feb/2016
Interactive Learning: an Approach for Building DL Ontologies from Natural Language and Reasoning [EKAW] reject 4,197 11/Sep/2014
A Benchmark Suite for Federated SPARQL Query Processing from Existing Workflows Reject 4,201 01/Dec/2017
Energy Efficiency Measures as Linked Open Data Major Revision 4,214 02/Nov/2015
Gender differs in how to say things. Age does in what to say. Reject 4,216 06/Nov/2017
Semantics of Stream Query Languages Using Ontologies [EKAW] reject 4,248 11/Sep/2014
Cloud Service Description Ontology: Construction, Evaluation and Querying Reject (Two Strikes) 4,253 19/Jun/2018
VidOnt: the video ontology Reject 4,270 29/Jan/2014
Ontology Matching: Current trends among practitioners [EKAW] reject 4,281 11/Sep/2014
Discovery of Related Semantic Datasets based on Frequent Subgraph Mining and String Matching Techniques Reject 4,295 19/Dec/2016
Topic Profiling Benchmarks in the Linked Open Data Cloud: Issues and Lessons Learned Accept 4,304 24/Aug/2018
Performance Evaluation of Keyword and Semantic based Search Engines-An Empirical Study Reject 4,307 08/Nov/2017
Ontology for a Panoptes building: exploiting contextual information and a smart camera network Accept 4,310 01/Aug/2018
Semantics and Provenance for Accountable Smart City Applications Reject 4,324 19/Jul/2015
Is Alignment is Like Analogy? Using LISA for Ontology Alignment Reject 4,326 25/Aug/2013
The FAO Geopolitical Ontology: a reference for country-based information Reject and Resubmit 4,332 20/Dec/2011
A semantic web annotation tool for a web-based audio sequencer Reject and Resubmit 4,337 03/Mar/2011
OntoLDA: An Ontology-based Topic Model for Automatic Topic Labeling Major Revision 4,341 19/Jun/2017
Sense2Web: A Linked Data Platform for Semantic Sensor Networks Reject and Resubmit 4,355 03/Aug/2011
BimSPARQL: Domain-specific functional SPARQL extensions for querying RDF building data Accept 4,357 29/Jul/2018
Capturing Place Semantics From Users’ Interaction on the GeoSocial Web Reject and Resubmit 4,361 21/Oct/2012
Social Internet of Things for Domotics: a Knowledge-based Approach over LDP-CoAP Accept 4,366 26/Jul/2018
Disclose High Quality Structured Data with Airpedia Reject 4,385 06/Jul/2015
A Linked Data extraction architecture for engineering software tools Reject 4,429 14/Jan/2018
LinDA - Linked Data for SMEs Reject 4,432 20/May/2015
The SemanticXBRL Dataset, Semantic Financial Data from XBRL Filings Reject 4,436 02/Jan/2015
Linked Data in E-Learning: A Survey Reject and Resubmit 4,456 28/Sep/2011