This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
An OWL ontology library representing judicial interpretations Accept 7,167 15/Mar/2017
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data Accept 7,213 08/Jul/2018
Special issue on Linked Data for Health Care and the Life Sciences Accept 7,228 23/Apr/2013
Sound, Complete and Minimal UCQ-Rewriting for Existential Rules Accept 7,282 20/Apr/2016
Facilitating Scientometrics in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining - the LAK Dataset Accept 7,286 08/Apr/2018
Migration of a library catalogue into RDA linked open data Accept 7,349 15/Mar/2017
Approaches, methods, metrics, measures, and subjectivity in ontology evaluation: A survey Reject 7,356 20/Sep/2014
What is a Knowledge Graph? Reject 7,370 19/Nov/2018
LOTED2: An Ontology of European Public Procurement Notices Accept 7,377 15/Mar/2017
ActiveRaUL: Automatically Generated Web Interfaces for Creating RDF Data Reject 7,382 15/Jul/2014
Publishing DisGeNET as Nanopublications Accept 7,397 15/Mar/2017
Semantic Web Surveys and Applications Accept 7,403 05/Aug/2011
Linked Data for Science and Education (Editorial) Accept 7,445 07/Dec/2012
Scalable Long-term Preservation of Relational Data through SPARQL queries Accept 7,445 15/Mar/2017
OntoPedigree: Modelling Pedigrees for traceability in supply chains Accept 7,461 15/Mar/2017
Capturing the semantics of individual viewpoints on social signals in interpersonal communication Reject and Resubmit 7,470 17/Apr/2015
Accessing the Web of Data through Embodied Virtual Characters Accept 7,486 08/Dec/2010
Semantic Web Tools and Systems Accept 7,490 05/Aug/2011
Name-based Approach to Build a Hub for Biodiversity LOD Reject and Resubmit 7,515 30/May/2013
Converting the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexicon into RDF with lemon Accept 7,573 20/Apr/2016
WYSIWYM -- Integrated Visualization, Exploration and Authoring of Semantically Enriched Un-structured Content Accept 7,594 20/Apr/2016
Increasing the Financial Transparency of European Commission Project Funding Accept 7,663 29/May/2013
Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning for the Semantic Web Accept 7,696 03/Oct/2013
Using ontologies to model human navigation behavior in information networks: A study based on Wikipedia Accept 7,703 20/Apr/2016
A Survey of Current Link Discovery Frameworks Accept 7,710 08/Apr/2018
COLINDA - Conference Linked Data Reject 7,779 27/Jun/2013
An Authority-flow based Ranking Approach to Discover Potential Novel Associations Between Linked Data Accept 7,831 21/Jan/2013
Distantly Supervised Web Relation Extraction for Knowledge Base Population Accept 7,870 15/Mar/2017
Migrating Bibliographic Datasets to the Semantic Web: the AGRIS case Accept 7,888 20/Apr/2016