This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Considerations regarding Ontology Design Patterns Accept 6,539 04/Nov/2015
Change Impact Analysis and Optimization in Ontology-based Content Management Systems Reject 6,581 26/Dec/2013
A comprehensive quality model for Linked Data Accept 6,663 08/Apr/2018
Eventseer: Calls for Papers as Linked Data Major Revision 6,669 25/Sep/2012
Ontobee: A Linked Data Server that publishes RDF and HTML data simultaneously Reject and Resubmit 6,677 03/Mar/2013
Data Access over Large Semi-Structured Databases Reject 6,683 13/Apr/2014
Tag as you like…, we can understand you! Reject 6,697 20/Dec/2011
Meta-Data for a lot of LOD Accept 6,705 08/Apr/2018
Aemoo: Linked Data exploration based on Knowledge Patterns Accept 6,742 15/Mar/2017
Linked Web APIs Dataset: Web APIs meet Linked Data Accept 6,746 15/Mar/2017
A Systematic Survey of Point Set Distance Measures for Link Discovery Accept 6,747 30/Oct/2017
Forest Logging: A Trace-Based Analysis of Large Rule-Based Computations Accept 6,751 20/Apr/2016
Quality-Based Model For Effective and Robust Multi-User Pay-As-You-Go Ontology Matching Accept 6,762 15/Mar/2017
Exploratory querying of SPARQL endpoints in space and time Accept 6,783 15/Mar/2017
The Humanitarian eXchange Language: Coordinating Disaster Response with Semantic Web Technologies Accept 6,792 20/Apr/2016
Next Generation Scientific Publishing and the Web of Data Accept 6,800 25/May/2014
Distributed query processing in the presence of blank nodes Accept 6,801 08/Jul/2018
Query Answering over Contextualized RDF/OWL Knowledge with Forall-Existential Bridge Rules: Decidable Finite Extension Classes Accept 6,809 15/Mar/2017
SPARQLES: Monitoring Public SPARQL Endpoints Accept 6,829 08/Apr/2018
Weaving a Web of Linked Resources Accept 6,877 08/Apr/2018
The Publishing Workflow Ontology (PWO) Accept 6,882 23/May/2018
The Semantic Web for all Accept 6,891 19/Nov/2014
An Unsupervised Data-driven Method to Discover Equivalent Relations in Large Linked Datasets Accept 6,892 15/Mar/2017
Linked Legal Data: A SKOS Vocabulary for the Code of Federal Regulations Reject 6,918 09/Jan/2013
A Linked Dataset of Medical Educational Resources Reject 6,926 11/Dec/2012
DataGraft: One-Stop-Shop for Open Data Management Accept 6,935 15/Mar/2017
A Dialogue with Linked Data: Voice-based Access to Market Data in the Sahel Accept 6,954 20/Apr/2016
Darwin-SW: Darwin Core-based terms for expressing biodiversity data as RDF Accept 6,954 15/Mar/2017
A content-focussed method for reengineering thesauri into semantically adequate ontologies Accept 6,965 15/Mar/2017