This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
RDF Graph Validation Using Rule-Based Reasoning Accept 1,286 17/Apr/2020
Owl Monkey: Auto-Adaptive Application Builder for the Semantic Web of Things Reject 1,300 02/Sep/2019
Inductive learning of OWL 2 property chains Reject 1,317 15/May/2020
Closing the Loop between Knowledge Patterns in Cognition and the Semantic Web Accept 1,325 16/Dec/2019
Cultural Heritage Information Retrieval: Data Modelling and Applications Reject 1,335 22/Oct/2019
Serverless Semantic e-Science Framework (SSe-SF) Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,336 06/Oct/2018
Attribute Ordered Formal Concept Analysis for Ontology Change Evaluation Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,341 03/May/2018
Administrative Processes Management of University Via Agent-Based Semantic Web Framework Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,349 29/May/2018
SWApriori: A New Approach to Mining Association Rules from Semantic Web Data Directly Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,353 12/Apr/2018
Multilingual Question Answering using Lexico-Syntactic Patterns Major Revision 1,353 29/Jul/2019
Hybrid reasoning in knowledge graphs: Combing symbolic reasoning and statistical reasoning Accept 1,363 16/Dec/2019
VOAR : a configurable web-based environment for visualizing and manipulating multiple ontology alignments Reject 1,364 29/Jul/2019
Semantic Similarity Based on Transfer Learning Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,375 03/Jul/2018
ExtruOnt: An Ontology for describing a type of manufacturing machine for Industry 4.0 systems Accept 1,385 15/Apr/2020
Combining Serendipity and Active Learning for Personalized Exploration of Knowledge Graphs Reject 1,386 13/Sep/2019
Using the Semantic Web in Digital Humanities: Shift from Data Publishing to Data-analysis and Serendipitous Knowledge Discovery Accept 1,386 19/Dec/2019
Multi-lingual Sentiment Analysis – A Machine Learning Approach Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,390 16/Apr/2018
A map without a legend: The semantic web and knowledge evolution Accept 1,395 16/Dec/2019
RDF Graph Partitioning: Techniques and Empirical Evaluation Reject 1,418 29/Jul/2019
EDR: A Generic Approach for the Distribution of Rule-Based Reasoning in a Cloud-Fog continuum Accept 1,440 08/May/2020
OntoAndalus: an ontology of Islamic artefacts for terminological purposes Accept 1,443 14/May/2020
Automatic Detection of Relation Assertion Errors and Induction of Relation Constraints Accept 1,481 02/Apr/2020
Ontologies as Nested Facet Systems for Human-Data Interaction Accept 1,492 16/Dec/2019
A More Decentralized Vision for Linked Data Accept 1,493 16/Dec/2019
A Novel Database Structure for Domains and Sub-Domains in URL Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,498 09/Mar/2018
Large-Scale Semantic Exploration of Scientific Literature using Topic-based Hashing Algorithms Accept 1,501 13/Apr/2020
Are We Better Off With Just One Ontology on the Web? Accept 1,531 16/Dec/2019
Creative AI: a New Avenue for Semantic Web? Accept 1,535 16/Dec/2019
Which Template Extractor Should I Use? Reject (Pre-Screening) 1,549 26/Nov/2017