This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
EVALUATING THE NEED OF PROV IN OWL Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,644 17/Mar/2014
Using Knowledge Anchors to Facilitate User Exploration of Data Graphs Accept 2,646 29/Jan/2019
Thematic Linked Data Matching: an Approach based on Geographic Reference Data Reject 2,659 11/Mar/2016
Genetic-Fuzzy Programming Based Linkage Rule Miner (GFPLR-Miner) For Entity Linking In Semantic Web Reject 2,681 25/Sep/2017
Towards E-Learning Management System Using Semantic Web Technology and Develop a Universal Namespace for University Domain Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,688 16/Dec/2011
LOPDF: A Framework for Extracting and Producing Linked Open Data of Scientific Documents Reject 2,692 20/Nov/2017
An Approach to Knowledge Formalization [EKAW] reject 2,694 29/Jan/2015
Towards a Question Answering System over the Semantic Web Accept 2,699 29/Jan/2019
Exploring Knowledge with LOD for Recommendation System-A Survey Reject 2,706 11/Jun/2013
Ontology based Knowledge Management for Administrative Processes in Paperless Environment Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,710 01/Apr/2013
An efficient SPARQL engine for unindexed binary-formatted IFC building models Reject (Two Strikes) 2,722 16/Mar/2018
Generating Public Transport Data based on Population Distributions for RDF Benchmarking Accept 2,723 08/Aug/2018
Assessing completeness when complementing SKOS thesauri: two quality measures on SKOS:exactMatch linkesets Reject 2,725 11/Feb/2016
Access Control for Linked Building Data based on Decentralized Role Paths Reject 2,726 19/Mar/2019
Difficulty-level Modeling of Ontology-based Factual Questions Accept 2,732 13/Sep/2019
A Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Events Extraction out of Arabic Tweets Reject 2,733 10/Jul/2017
Semantic Similarity Assessment Based on Mutual Information Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,734 27/Oct/2013
A Proposed Model of E-Learning Management System Using Semantic Web Technology Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,736 16/Dec/2011
An Intelligent Ontology Alignment Tool Dealing with Complicated Mismatches [EKAW] reject 2,736 09/Dec/2014
A Survey on Automatically Constructed Universal Knowledge Bases Reject (Two Strikes) 2,745 02/Sep/2018
Benchmarking Semantic Reasoning on Mobile Platforms: Towards Optimization Using OWL2 RL Accept 2,746 06/Aug/2018
Core Techniques of Ontology-Based Question Answering Systems: a Survey Reject 2,748 06/Apr/2016
Hate Speech Detection: A Solved Problem? The Challenging Case of Long Tail on Twitter Accept 2,754 25/Apr/2019
An Enhanced Method for the Efficient Information Retrieval from Resume Documents using SPARQL Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,760 25/Nov/2011
Semantic web based rule checking of real-world scale BIM models: a pragmatic method Reject (Two Strikes) 2,780 06/Dec/2017
A Semantic Similarity Measure for Linked Data: An Information Content-Based Approach Reject 2,783 14/Jul/2015
A Stream Reasoning System for Maritime Monitoring Reject 2,793 15/May/2018
Querying the LLOD Cloud for Linguistic Resources Reject (Pre-Screening) 2,795 15/Jan/2013
Political messages in Twitter communication: comparative analysis of 2010 and 2011 elections Reject 2,795 20/Dec/2011