This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Linked Data in E-Learning: A Survey Reject and Resubmit 4,340 28/Sep/2011
Machine Learning in the Internet of Things: a Semantic-enhanced Approach Accept 4,351 06/Aug/2018
An Ontology-Based Approach to Decision Support for Healthcare Workflows Reject and Resubmit 4,382 17/Jun/2011
Measuring similarity in ontologies: a new family of measures [EKAW] conference only accept 4,382 11/Sep/2014
Converting linguistic datasets into interoperable Linked Data resources - The case of WALS, IDS and WOLD Reject 4,403 17/Feb/2015
Survey of State of the Art Ontology Views Reject 4,410 08/Dec/2010
An Ontological Analysis of Observation Collections Reject 4,417 24/Sep/2019
SML-Bench -- A Benchmarking Framework for Structured Machine Learning Accept 4,431 06/Aug/2018
Privacy, Security and Policies: A review of Problems and Solutions with Semantic Web Technologies Accept 4,443 14/Jan/2018
Reengineering application architectures to expose data and logic for the web of data Reject 4,455 20/Nov/2017
HDT crypt: Compression and Encryption of RDF Datasets Accept 4,490 11/May/2020
A Critical Reflection on Ontologies and their Applications in Business Reject 4,493 18/May/2015
Reexamining fiat, bona fide, and force dynamic boundaries for geopolitical entities and their placement in DOLCE Major Revision 4,495 16/Apr/2011
Human Computation and Crowdsourcing meet the Semantic Web: A Survey Major Revision 4,495 15/Feb/2016
Exploiting knowledge about fashion to provide personalised clothing recommendations Reject and Resubmit 4,496 26/Aug/2011
Applying Linked Open Data to Green Design Reject 4,501 05/Dec/2013
A LOD-based, query construction/refinement service for web search engines Reject 4,508 19/Feb/2015
A Convolutional Neural Network-based Model for Knowledge Base Completion and Its Application to Search Personalization Accept 4,520 25/Apr/2019
OOPS! (OntOlogy Pitfall Scanner!): supporting ontology evaluation on-line Major Revision 4,536 18/May/2015
Affective State Ontology Reject 4,549 20/Jul/2017
Constrained regular expressions for answering RDF-path queries modulo RDFS Reject 4,553 17/Nov/2013
Evaluating Query and Storage Strategies for RDF Archives Accept 4,553 06/Aug/2018
Linked Open Data Visualization Revisited: A Survey Reject 4,558 03/Apr/2015
Transforming Meteorological Data into Linked Data Major Revision 4,576 22/Jan/2012
Lookup, Explore, Discover: how DBpedia can improve your Web search Reject and Resubmit 4,596 03/Mar/2011
One Size Doesn't Fit All – Fostering Diversity on the Semantic Web [EKAW] reject 4,604 10/Sep/2014
Ontology alignment for wearable devices and bioinformatics in professional health care Reject 4,606 07/Jan/2015
Evaluation of Metadata Representations in RDF stores Accept 4,660 06/Aug/2018
Towards Resource-aware Business Process Development in the Cloud [EKAW] reject 4,677 09/Sep/2014