This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Mining Social Semantics on the Social Web Accept 4,923 22/Feb/2017
Knowledge Management Processes to Support Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare – a Swedish Case Study [EKAW] reject 4,926 11/Sep/2014
On the Quality of Vocabularies for Linked Dataset Papers Published in the Semantic Web Journal Accept 4,928 14/Jan/2018
The Information Workbench -- A Platform for Linked Data Applications Minor Revision 4,956 06/May/2014
A RADAR for Information Reconciliation in Question Answering Systems over Linked Data Accept 4,972 08/Apr/2018
Robust Named Entity Disambiguation with Random Walks Accept 5,010 15/Mar/2017
Names Are Not Good Enough: Reasoning over Taxonomic Change in the Andropogon Complex Accept 5,014 15/Mar/2017
Semantic Enrichment for Recommendation of Primary Studies in a Systematic Literature Review Reject and Resubmit 5,025 19/Feb/2013
FrameBase: Enabling Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge Accept 5,042 08/Apr/2018
Semantic Web Journal Volume 6 Issue 6 Accept 5,043 20/Apr/2016
RDF2Vec: RDF Graph Embeddings and Their Applications Accept 5,059 07/Aug/2018
Mapping Articles on China in Wikipedia: An Inter-Language Semantic Network Analysis Reject 5,093 13/May/2016
PrivOnto: a Semantic Framework for the Analysis of Privacy Policies Accept 5,106 23/May/2018
The IULA’s META-SHARE LOD dataset, lessons learnt Major Revision 5,135 25/Feb/2015
Signal/Collect Processing Large Graphs in Seconds Accept 5,148 27/Feb/2015
A Divide and Conquer Approach for Parallel Classification of OWL Ontologies Major Revision 5,179 08/Apr/2014
OLOUD – An Ontology for Linked Open University Data Major Revision 5,187 28/Oct/2015
Making Web-Scale Semantic Reasoning More Service- Oriented: The Large Knowledge Collider Reject and Resubmit 5,224 05/Sep/2012
Semantically-enriched Pervasive Sensor-driven Systems Reject 5,248 25/Aug/2013
Querying Biomedical Linked Data with Natural Language Questions Accept 5,257 08/Apr/2018
Referring to multiple unspecified objects of a type: multi-instance fact pattern family Major Revision 5,282 15/Oct/2014
Organizing personal web 2.0 content with Hypersea Reject 5,303 08/Nov/2011
Eunomos, a legal document and knowledge management system for the web to provide relevant, reliable and up-to-date information on the Law Reject 5,309 09/Jan/2013
A Five-Star Rating Scheme to Assess Application Seamlessness Accept 5,325 15/Mar/2017
Facilitating Data Discovery by Connecting Related Resources Reject and Resubmit 5,343 24/Jun/2013
Sentiment Lexicon Adaptation with Context and Semantics for the Social Web Accept 5,373 08/Apr/2018
Overview of the MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology Accept 5,386 15/Mar/2017
Question Answering over Biomedical Linked Data with Grammatical Framework Accept 5,398 08/Apr/2018
Resource-Level Versioning in Administrative Geography RDF Data Reject 5,399 18/Dec/2011