This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Decision/Status Viewssort descending Updated
Semantics and Canonicalisation of SPARQL 1.1 Accept 1,336 26/Dec/2021
Building Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graphs from Vectorized Topographic Historical Maps Accept 1,338 23/Feb/2022
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,358 09/Jan/2022
Bilingual dictionary generation and enrichment via graph exploration Accept 1,372 05/Apr/2022
Optimizing Storage of RDF Archives using Bidirectional Delta Chains Accept 1,381 28/Sep/2021
Robust Query Processing for Linked Data Fragments Accept 1,384 27/Dec/2021
Handling Qualitative Preferences in SPARQL over Virtual Ontology-Based Data Access Accept 1,406 28/Dec/2021
RelTopic: A Graph-Based Semantic Relatedness Measure in Topic Ontologies and Its Applicability for Topic Labeling of Old Press Articles Accept 1,429 22/Feb/2022
Continuous Multi-Query Optimization for Subgraph Matching over Dynamic Graphs Accept 1,438 26/Dec/2021
Modular Ontology Modeling Accept 1,439 06/May/2022
Linked Open Images: Visual Similarity for the Semantic Web Accept 1,442 28/Dec/2021
Blue Brain Nexus: An open, secure, scalable system for knowledge graph management and data-driven science Accept 1,473 08/May/2022
TermitUp: Generation and Enrichment of Linked Terminologies Accept 1,476 06/May/2022
Applying the LOT methodology to a Public Bus Transport Ontology aligned with Transmodel: Challenges and Results Accept 1,525 08/Nov/2021
Online approximative SPARQL query processing for COUNT-DISTINCT queries with Web Preemption Accept 1,578 06/May/2022
Casual Learn: A Linked Data-Based Mobile Application for Learning about Local Cultural Heritage Accept 1,582 03/Jan/2022
Semantic-enabled Architecture for Auditable Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Accept 1,593 26/Dec/2021
Linking Women Editors of Periodicals to the Wikidata Knowledge Graph Accept 1,619 20/Sep/2021
Glottocodes: Identifiers Linking Families, Languages and Dialects to Comprehensive Reference Information Accept 1,731 26/Dec/2021
An Assertion and Alignment Correction Framework for Large Scale Knowledge Bases Accept 1,743 30/Sep/2021
Beyond Facts - a Survey and Conceptualisation of Claims in Online Discourse Analysis Accept 1,747 26/Dec/2021
Discovering alignment relations with Graph Convolutional Networks: a biomedical case study Accept 1,765 28/Dec/2021
MIDI2vec: Learning MIDI Embeddings for Reliable Prediction of Symbolic Music Metadata Accept 1,767 31/Aug/2021
Survey on English Entity Linking on Wikidata Accept 1,768 15/May/2022
When Linguistics Meets Web Technologies. Recent advances in Modelling Linguistic Linked Open Data Accept 1,787 06/May/2022
Using the W3C Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web Recommendation to manage small Wikidata datasets Accept 1,961 18/Aug/2021
Knowledge Graph Embedding for Data Mining vs. Knowledge Graph Embedding for Link Prediction - Two Sides of the same Coin? Accept 1,973 28/Dec/2021
A Strategy for Archives Metadata Representation on CIDOC-CRM and Knowledge Discovery Accept 2,016 09/Jan/2022
LSQ 2.0: A Linked Dataset of SPARQL Query Logs Accept 2,032 10/Apr/2022
LL(O)D and NLP Perspectives on Semantic Change for Humanities Research Accept 2,058 01/Apr/2022