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Title Updated Comments
From hyperlinks to Semantic Web properties using Open Knowledge Extraction 20/Dec/2014 1
Aemoo: Linked Data exploration based on Knowledge Patterns 20/Dec/2014 1
Visualizing Ontologies with VOWL 20/Dec/2014 0
Relationship-based Top-K Concept Retrieval for Ontology Search 19/Dec/2014 0
Distantly Supervised Web Relation Extraction for Knowledge Base Population 19/Dec/2014 0
Inferring Recommendation Interactions in Clinical Guidelines: Case-studies on Multimorbidity 19/Dec/2014 0
Quality-Based Model For Effective and Robust Multi-User Pay-As-You-Go Ontology Matching 19/Dec/2014 0
Crowd-based Ontology Engineering with the uComp Protege Plugin 19/Dec/2014 0
Crowd-sourced Digital Humanities linked data contributing to library datasets: the case of the Listening Experience Database 19/Dec/2014 1
Modeling visualization tools and applications on the Web 19/Dec/2014 0
A meaning-based algorithm for ontology matching 19/Dec/2014 0
Matching and Visualizing Thematic Linked Data: An Approach Based on Geographic Reference Data 19/Dec/2014 0
Exploratory querying of SPARQL endpoints in space and time 19/Dec/2014 0
Visual Querying LOD sources with LODeX 19/Dec/2014 0
A Fine-Grained Evaluation of SPARQL Endpoint Federation Systems 19/Dec/2014 0
Facilitating Scientometrics in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining - the LAK Dataset 19/Dec/2014 0
Ripple Down Rules for Question Answering 19/Dec/2014 0
Hierarchical Visual Exploration and Analysis on the Web of Data 19/Dec/2014 0
On the Efficient Execution of Bounded Jaro-Winkler Distances 19/Dec/2014 0
Energy Efficiency Measures as Linked Open Data 18/Dec/2014 0
A User Study of Visual Linked Data Query and Exploration in Mobile Devices 18/Dec/2014 0
A Pattern for Periodic Intervals 18/Dec/2014 0
Signal/Collect: Processing Large Graphs in Seconds 18/Dec/2014 0
Real-time Generation of Linked Sensor Data and Multidimensional Data Cubes for Smart Environments 18/Dec/2014 0
OntoPedigree: A content ontology design pattern for traceability knowledge representation in supply chains 17/Dec/2014 0
Visualizing Statistical Linked Knowledge Sources for Decision Support 17/Dec/2014 0
Basic Observations and Sampling Feature Ontology 16/Dec/2014 1
A Five-Star Rating Scheme to Assess Application Seamlessness 16/Dec/2014 0
A Systematic Survey of Point Set Distance Measures for Link Discovery 16/Dec/2014 0
PPROC, an Ontology for Transparency in Public Procurement 16/Dec/2014 0
EQUATER - An Unsupervised Data-driven Method to Discover Equivalent Relations in Large Linked Datasets 15/Dec/2014 0
Time Ontology Extended for Non-Gregorian Calendar Applications 15/Dec/2014 1
Semantics and Provenance for Accountable Smart City Applications 15/Dec/2014 0
Producing Linked Data for Smart Cities: the case of Catania 15/Dec/2014 0
Semantic Abstraction for Generalization of Tweet Classification 15/Dec/2014 0
An Ontology for Open 311 Data 15/Dec/2014 0
The LinkedUp Data Catalogue: A Meta-Dataset of Linked Datasets in the Education Domain 12/Dec/2014 0
A Critical Reflection on Ontologies and their Applications in Business 12/Dec/2014 0
A Session-based Ontology Alignment Approach for Aligning Large Ontologies 12/Dec/2014 0
Linked Open Data Visualization Revisited: A Survey 11/Dec/2014 0
Publishing DisGeNET as Nanopublications 11/Dec/2014 2
The SemanticXBRL Dataset, Semantic Financial Data from XBRL Filings 11/Dec/2014 0
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data 10/Dec/2014 0
Publishing and Interlinking the USPTO Patent Data 09/Dec/2014 0
CEDAR: The Dutch Historical Censuses as Linked Open Data 09/Dec/2014 0
DM2E: A Linked Data Source of Digitised Manuscripts for the Digital Humanities 09/Dec/2014 0
Overview of the MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology 09/Dec/2014 0
Start Small, Build Complete: Effective and Efficient Semantic Table Interpretation using TableMiner 08/Dec/2014 0
Temporal Representation and Reasoning in OWL 2.0 08/Dec/2014 0
A RADAR for Information Reconciliation in Question Answering Systems over Linked Data 04/Dec/2014 0
A Foundation Ontology for Global City Indicators 04/Dec/2014 0
Ontology alignment for wearable devices and bioinformatics in professional health care 01/Dec/2014 0
Quality Assessment for Linked Data: A Survey 27/Nov/2014 0
The IULA’s META-SHARE LOD dataset, lessons learnt 21/Nov/2014 0
LOD in a Box: The C-LOD Meta-Dataset 20/Oct/2014 0