Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updatedsort descending
Facebook Linked Data via the Graph API Accept 21,149 11/Sep/2012
Linked Data Representation of the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics Accept 19,148 11/Sep/2012
User Preferences in the Web of Data Accept 15,955 12/Sep/2012
TheSoz: A SKOS Representation of the Thesaurus for the Social Sciences Accept 16,212 13/Sep/2012
Stream Reasoning and Complex Event Processing in ETALIS Accept 17,283 14/Sep/2012
An Architecture of a Distributed Semantic Social Network Accept 27,306 16/Sep/2012
A Curated and Evolving Linguistic Linked Dataset Accept 14,514 05/Oct/2012
Approaches to Visualising Linked Data: A Survey Accept 41,819 06/Oct/2012
Is Question Answering fit for the Semantic Web?: a Survey. Accept 20,148 06/Oct/2012
Comparison of Reasoners for large Ontologies in the OWL 2 EL Profile Accept 28,583 06/Oct/2012
A Classification of Semantic Annotation Systems Accept 34,846 06/Oct/2012
Transition of Legacy Systems to Semantic Enabled Application: TAO Method and Tools Accept 21,722 06/Oct/2012
FactForge: A fast track to the web of data Accept 35,593 06/Oct/2012
Enabling the Geospatial Semantic Web with Parliament and GeoSPARQL Accept 36,540 06/Oct/2012
Design and Development of Linked Data from The National Map Accept 17,255 06/Oct/2012
A Systemic Approach for Eff ective Semantic Access to Cultural Content Accept 18,755 06/Oct/2012
Injecting semantic annotations into (geospatial) Web service descriptions Accept 57,970 06/Oct/2012
Publishing Bibliographic Data on the Semantic Web using BibBase Accept 30,296 06/Oct/2012
The Bowlogna Ontology: Fostering Open Curricula and Agile Knowledge Bases for Europe’s Higher Education Landscape Accept 14,541 06/Oct/2012
PowerAqua: supporting users in querying and exploring the Semantic Web content Accept 23,823 06/Oct/2012
Bringing Relational Databases into the Semantic Web: A Survey Accept 24,909 06/Oct/2012
Semantic Turkey: A Browser-Integrated Environment for Knowledge Acquisition and Management Accept 22,234 06/Oct/2012
The Use of Semantic Web Technologies for Decision Support - A Survey Accept 27,785 23/Oct/2012
Order Matters! Harnessing a World of Orderings for Reasoning over Massive Data Accept 41,957 24/Oct/2012
BioPortal as a Dataset of Linked Biomedical Ontologies and Terminologies in RDF Accept 13,756 24/Oct/2012
TourMISLOD: a Tourism Linked Data Set Accept 19,826 31/Oct/2012
Applying Linked Data Approaches to Pharmacology: Architectural Decisions and Implementation Accept 18,272 03/Nov/2012
How to deal with massively heterogeneous cultural heritage data – lessons learned in CultureSampo Accept 21,189 14/Nov/2012
Transforming Meteorological Data into Linked Data Accept 17,156 26/Nov/2012
An information model for managing resources and their metadata Accept 55,168 27/Nov/2012