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First Issue published

The first issue (direct link to the freely available official version) has just been published. It contains vision statements for the Semantic Web, on a multitude of topics.

Call for Special Issue Proposals

Semantic Web research is interdisciplinary in nature. Indeed, progress towards the Semantic Web vision requires the incorporation of fundamental state-of-the-art and future developments from many domains including Computer & Information Science, Cognitive Science, Geographic Information Science, the social sciences, and many more. To establish bridges between these domains, it is thus important to demonstrate what and how they contribute to the Semantic Web vision, and what the Semantic Web can offer in return to these disciplines.


==As of today==

Special Call for Survey articles on Semantic Web topics

special call for papers on



The "Semantic Web" journal invites submissions of full-length papers surveying the state of the art of topics central to the journal's scope. Survey articles should have the potential to become well-known introductory and overview texts.

The Semantic Web journal – half a year later

Blog post on "The Semantic Puzzle": Answers to some questions on the motivation, setup, and future plans of the journal: