Coupling conceptual modeling and rules for the annotation of dramatic media

Tracking #: 850-2060

Vincenzo Lombardo1
Cristina Battaglino
Antonio Pizzo1
Rossana Damiano
Antonio Lieto

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Guest Editors RR2013 Special Issue

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Full Paper
This paper presents an ontological approach to the domain of drama. After a description of the drama domain in a cross-cultural and media setting, we introduce the ontology Drammar. Drammar consists of two components, encoding respectively the conceptual model and the SWRL rules. The conceptual model, mainly grounding in AI theories, represents the major concepts of drama, such as agents, actions, plans, units, emotions and values. Then, the paper focuses on the rule component that augments the representation by mapping the intentions of the characters onto the actions actually performed and by appraising the emotion felt by the characters in the drama. To illustrate the functioning of the ontology we introduce a running example from an excerpt of the drama Hamlet. Finally, we carry out an evaluation of the approach on an annotation task that is relevant for drama studies research and teaching. In particular, the emotion appraisal is tested on the main characters of four dramas of different nature, by computing precision and recall results with respect to a human annotator.
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