DBnary: Wiktionary as a Lemon-Based Multilingual Lexical Resource in RDF

Tracking #: 648-1858

Gilles Sérasset

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Guest editors Multilingual Linked Open Data 2012

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Dataset Description
Contributive resources, such as Wikipedia, have proved to be valuable to Natural Language Processing or multilingual Information Retrieval applications. This work focusses on Wiktionary, the dictionary part of the resources sponsored by the Wikimedia foundation. In this article, we present our effort to extract multilingual lexical data from Wiktionary data and to provide it to the community as a Multilingual Lexical Linked Open Data (MLLOD). This lexical resource is structured using the LEMON Model. This data, called DBnary, is registered at http://thedatahub.org/dataset/dbnary.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Judith Eckle-Kohler submitted on 19/Apr/2014
Review Comment:

The issue I raised in my last review of the re-submission has been addressed and the reference has been fixed.

Review #2
By Sebastian Hellmann submitted on 14/Jun/2014
Review Comment:

All the points in my last review have been met. I have re-read the whole article and am completely satisfied.

Review #3
By Jorge Gracia submitted on 16/Jun/2014
Review Comment:

As I wrote in my previous reviews, this short paper fits into the topics of the special issue very well as a "dataset description" paper. I still think, however, that some of its design decisions need a clearer justification, although this could be left to a more detailed (full-length) paper, maybe. Still, DBnary has the merit of being one of the earliest adoptions of lemon and, as such, this practical experience is worth being reported and communicated in this special issue. Further, the minor issues raised by the reviewers seem to be addressed in this new version.