Entity Linking with Out-of-Knowledge-Graph Entity Detection and Clustering using only Knowledge Graphs

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Cedric Moeller
Ricardo Usbeck

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Guest Editors KG Gen 2023

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Entity Linking is crucial for numerous downstream tasks, such as question answering, knowledge graph population, and general knowledge extraction. A frequently overlooked aspect of entity linking is the potential encounter with entities not yet present in a target knowledge graph. Although some recent studies have addressed this issue, they primarily utilize full-text knowledge bases or depend on external information. However, these resources are not available in most use cases. In this work, we solely rely on the information within a knowledge graph and assume no external information is accessible. To investigate the challenge of identifying and disambiguating entities absent from the knowledge graph, we introduce a comprehensive silver-standard benchmark dataset that covers texts from 1999 to 2022. Based on our novel dataset, we develop an approach using pre-trained language models and knowledge graph embeddings without the need for a parallel full-text corpus. Moreover, by assessing the influence of knowledge graph embeddings on the given task, we show that implementing a sequential entity linking approach, which considers the whole sentence, can outperform clustering techniques that handle each mention separately in specific instances.
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