EventMedia: a LOD Dataset of Events Illustrated with Media

Tracking #: 612-1820

Houda Khrouf
Raphael Troncy

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Pascal Hitzler

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Dataset Description
An ever increasing amount of event-centric knowledge is spread over multiple social services, either materialized as calendar of past and upcoming events or illustrated by cross-media items. This opens an opportunity to create an infrastructure unifying event-centric information derived from event directories, media platforms and social networks. EventMedia relies on Semantic Web technologies to create such infrastructure that ensures seamless aggregation and integration of disparate data sources, some of which overlap in their coverage. In this paper, we present the EventMedia dataset composed of events descriptions associated with media and interlinked with the Linked Open Data cloud. We describe how data has been extracted, converted, interlinked and published following the best practices of the Semantic Web.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Eric Wilde submitted on 13/Jan/2014
Review Comment:

Looks like the authors did take the first-round reviews into account. Thanks for making thos changes!

Review #2
By Christophe Guéret submitted on 18/Feb/2014
Review Comment:

This revised submission addresses the issues I had with the first text. I believe this is a solid data set application builders can find interesting to use.