A Foundation for Spatial Data Warehouses on the Semantic Web

Tracking #: 1560-2772

Nurefsan Gur
Torben Bach Pedersen
Esteban Zimanyi
Katja Hose

Responsible editor: 
Mark Gahegan

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Full Paper
Large volumes of geospatial data are being published on the Semantic Web (SW), yielding a need for advanced analysis of such data. However, existing SW technologies only support advanced analytical concepts such as multidimensional (MD) data warehouses and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) over non-spatial SW data. To remedy this need, this paper presents the QB4SOLAP vocabulary, which supports spatially enhanced MD data cubes over RDF data. The paper also defines a number of Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) operators over QB4SOLAP cubes and provides algorithms for generating spatially extended SPARQL queries from the SOLAP operators. The proposals are validated by applying them to a realistic use case.
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