Linked Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Data

Tracking #: 417-1539

Tomi Kauppinen
Giovana Mira de Espindola
Jim Jones
Alber Sánchez
Benedikt Gräler
Thomas Bartoschek

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Pascal Hitzler

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Dataset Description
The Linked Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Data contains observations about deforestation of rainforests and related things such as rivers, road networks, population, amount of cattle, and market prices of agricultural products. The Linked Data approach offers thus to combine ecological, economical and social dimensions together. Our aim has been to 1) dramatically shorten the time needed to collect information for a research setting concerning the Brazilian Amazon, and 2) via the linkage between datasets enable novel types of transdisciplinary research for the scientific community.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Michiel Hildebrand submitted on 28/Jan/2013
Review Comment:

Although the authors have put little effort into the concerns of the initial review, I am willing to accept this paper based on the high quality of additional material. The tutorials using the data are excellent. The vocabulary is documented online. The Web site that accompanies the Linked Data provides useful background, examples and explanations.

The value of amazon:TIMEPERIOD for the DEFOR_2004 is not corrected.

section 2.4
which participated THE the German science competition

Review #2
By Dave Kolas submitted on 28/Jan/2013
Review Comment:

This paper presents a dataset related to Amazon deforestation. This version of the paper improves clarity in the dataset descriptions. Particularly interesting are the descriptions of how the spatial relations between peices of data are used to merge component datasets together.

The definition of a specific property to describe the meta-information of a data point allows for succinct representations of the data set. This seems to be a practical way to represent large datasets derived from databases or spreadsheets.

There is an apparent typo in the DEFOR_2004 example, as the referenced time period is the year 2007.

Review #3
By Francois Scharffe submitted on 02/May/2013
Review Comment:

Paper clarity was improved and the online material brings a significant added value to the dataset.