Semantic Structure for describing IoT System: IoTContextOnt. Application for smart home and smart airport

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Chaima Bejaoui
Fatma Achour
Anis Jdidi

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Armin Haller

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Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection between the Internet and objects, places and physical environments. These objects can exchange information and digital data between the real world and the Internet. The ubiquitous connectivity provided by the IoT requires integration between heterogeneous sensors, actuators, mobile phones, etc. Extending the IoT with Web Services technology is a means to achieve interoperable communications between objects and makes it easy to integrate dynamic distributed processes. The best solution seems to be the association of semantics with these heterogeneous data through ontologies in order to facilitate their reuse and allow the implementation of reasoning mechanisms. Several web ontologies,such as Open-IoT, Saref,IoT-ontology, etc., are devoted to that purpose. Since these ontologies are difficult to implement and to instantiate them in different contextual situations, in this work, we propose an ontology that ensures the description of the IoT system. We also aim to have a conceptual adaptation and make this ontology extendable core-domain.
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