A Tool For Building Ontologies Based on ISM

Tracking #: 3400-4614

Kleber Sartorio
Marco Antônio Colombo da Silva
Geraldo Pereira Rocha Filho
Fernando Roberto Hebeler Andrade
Dilvan de Abreu Moreira
Luis Hideo Vasconcelos Nakamura

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Karl Hammar

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Full Paper
Abstract - A great help found for cases in which understanding a domain becomes mandatory is to use an Ontology. However, building one is not trivial because we have to achieve the desired objectives of standardization, uniformity, explanation, sharing, and reuse; an effort is necessary to capture, structure, describe and axiomatize them. This article uses ISM (Interpretative Structural Modeling) to capture ontologies in any knowledge domain. ISM can classify and hierarchize objects with low computational cost. Structuring ontologies efficiently can be helpful in hierarchization and disambiguation situations. The tool below can effectively capture and structure ontologies in a particular domain.
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