This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort ascending Updated
Efficient Query Answering over Fuzzy EL-OWL Based on Crisp Datalog Rewritable Fuzzy EL++ Reject and Resubmit 5,116 08/May/2012
Pattern for licensing Linked Data Reject 5,115 12/Nov/2014
Publishing, Linking and Annotating Geochange Events via Interactive Timelines Reject 5,113 08/Nov/2011
Ontologies as Nested Facet Systems for Human-Data Interaction Accept 5,112 16/Dec/2019
Ontology Design Pattern Property Specialisation Strategies [EKAW] conference only accept 5,109 10/Sep/2014
Semantically enriched microposts in the enterprise: A practical approach Reject and Resubmit 5,102 04/Apr/2012
Capturing the contributions of the semantic web to the IoT: a unifying vision Reject 5,101 14/Nov/2017
Topic Modeling for Linked Open Vocabularies Reject 5,096 23/Nov/2015
Creating a Cultural Environment for Collective City Memory Reject and Resubmit 5,096 14/May/2011
Semantic Image Annotation By Co-Quotation Method Based on Ontology Reject 5,093 03/Mar/2011
Empowering Enterprise Data Governance with the Business Semantics Glossary - an illustration in the Flemish Public Administration Reject 5,088 03/Mar/2011
Towards high quality data catalogues: addressing exploitability. Reject 5,079 11/Feb/2016
A Logic Programming based Approach to OWL RL Reject 5,070 16/Nov/2014
Realizing Cascading Stream Reasoning with Streaming MASSIF Reject 5,060 14/May/2018
Logical Foundations for Data Interlinking with Keys and Link Keys Reject 5,056 30/Jun/2021
Pundit 2.0 Reject 5,052 10/Mar/2016
Localised Annotation of Event Video with User Tweets Reject and Resubmit 5,041 25/Apr/2012
PaaSport Semantic Model: An Ontology for a Platform-as-a-Service Semantically Interoperable Marketplace Reject 5,024 26/Jan/2017
A Survey of Semantic Metadata Management Models for Semantic Interoperability in the Social Web Reject and Resubmit 5,015 14/May/2011
Aethalides: An Ontology-Driven News Classification Framework Reject 5,014 15/Dec/2017
Measuring Quality of Evolution in Diachronic Web Vocabularies Using Inferred Optimal Change Models Major Revision 5,013 23/Sep/2016
GeoSPARQL-Jena: Implementation and Benchmarking of a GeoSPARQL Graphstore Major Revision 5,013 10/Dec/2021
Implementing Semantic Web Queries on a Geoportal using the Atlas Narrative Structure Reject and Resubmit 5,010 26/Aug/2011
Neural Language Models for the Multilingual, Transcultural, and Multimodal Semantic Web Accept 4,995 16/Dec/2019
The IRIS2 Dataset for Experimenting Algorithms in Semantic Search Reject and Resubmit 4,980 06/Jul/2012
Semantic-Graph based approach to BIM, resilience, and spatial data interoperability Reject 4,976 22/Nov/2017
Ontology-Driven Modeling Framework for SOA Security Patterns Reject 4,969 16/Jun/2017
Private Record Linkage Reject 4,968 13/Jul/2016
Squerall: Virtual Ontology-Based Access to Heterogeneous and Large Data Sources Reject 4,964 31/Oct/2018