This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort ascending Updated
SmartEnv as a Network of Ontology Patterns Accept 7,777 05/Aug/2018
Ontology for a Panoptes building: exploiting contextual information and a smart camera network Accept 7,750 01/Aug/2018
Making Web-Scale Semantic Reasoning More Service- Oriented: The Large Knowledge Collider Reject and Resubmit 7,707 05/Sep/2012
Resource-Level Versioning in Administrative Geography RDF Data Reject 7,677 18/Dec/2011
Rule-driven inconsistency resolution for knowledge graph generation rules Accept 7,657 20/May/2019
Topic Profiling Benchmarks in the Linked Open Data Cloud: Issues and Lessons Learned Accept 7,650 24/Aug/2018
Supporting the Linked Data publication process with the LOD2 Statistical Workbench Major Revision 7,646 08/Apr/2014
Completeness and Soundness Guarantees for Conjunctive SPARQL Queries over RDF Data Sources with Completeness Statements Accept 7,641 29/Jan/2019
Eunomos, a legal document and knowledge management system for the web to provide relevant, reliable and up-to-date information on the Law Reject 7,629 09/Jan/2013
Producing Linked Data for Smart Cities: the case of Catania Reject 7,625 30/Jan/2015
Boosting Document Retrieval with Knowledge Extraction and Linked Data Accept 7,603 28/Aug/2018
Towards a Question Answering System over the Semantic Web Accept 7,570 29/Jan/2019
Recognizing the Truth: Automatically Ranking LOD Query Results with a Cluster Heuristic Major Revision 7,569 25/Mar/2014
Difficulty-level Modeling of Ontology-based Factual Questions Accept 7,554 17/Aug/2020
Semantically-enriched Pervasive Sensor-driven Systems Reject 7,545 25/Aug/2013
Facilitating Data Discovery by Connecting Related Resources Reject and Resubmit 7,545 24/Jun/2013
RehabRobo-Query: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud Accept 7,496 12/Sep/2018
BimSPARQL: Domain-specific functional SPARQL extensions for querying RDF building data Accept 7,484 29/Jul/2018
Social Internet of Things for Domotics: a Knowledge-based Approach over LDP-CoAP Accept 7,471 26/Jul/2018
SpecINT: A framework for data integration over cheminformatics and bioinformatics RDF repositories Accept 7,452 28/Aug/2018
ADEL: ADaptable Entity Linking Minor Revision 7,433 07/Sep/2018
Legal datasets integration: keep it simple, keep it real Reject 7,424 25/Nov/2013
Optimizing real-time RDF data streams Reject and Resubmit 7,418 26/Aug/2011
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine -- SPARQL Querying of Property Graphs using Gremlin Traversals Reject 7,412 09/Aug/2018
Benchmarking Question Answering Systems Accept 7,395 06/Aug/2018
The Information Workbench -- A Platform for Linked Data Applications Minor Revision 7,359 06/May/2014
A Closer Look at the Semantic Web Journal's Review Process Accept 7,352 02/Jan/2019
A Visual Modeling Approach for the Semantic Web Rule Language Accept 7,334 03/Dec/2018
A comparison of object-triple mapping libraries Accept 7,311 29/Jan/2019