This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Perdurant Ontology Using Conceptual Dependency Theory Reject (Pre-Screening) 687 08/Mar/2023
Rightsizing HVAC components using an ontology-driven Common Data Environment Reject 699 18/Oct/2023
Prediction of next words in Balochi Language -A Real Life Application Reject (Pre-Screening) 706 23/Jan/2023
CANARD: An Approach for Generating Expressive Correspondences based on Competency Questions for Alignment Accept 707 04/Dec/2023
Digests, snapshots, events, or cumulative gaze - what is most informative of user success and failure? A study of the foretelling signs of user performance during interaction with visualizations of ontology class hierarchies Reject (Two Strikes) 708 23/Oct/2023
Weight-aware Tasks for Evaluating Knowledge Graph Embeddings Reject (Two Strikes) 718 22/Feb/2024
NORIA-O: An Ontology for Anomaly Detection and Incident Management in ICT Systems Reject 735 18/Sep/2023
Self-regulatory Framework for Blockchain Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation Reject 740 23/Oct/2023
Sem@K: Is my knowledge graph embedding model semantic-aware? Accept 742 27/Nov/2023
Handling Wikidata qualifiers in Reasoning Reject (Two Strikes) 765 03/Jan/2024
d2kg: An Integrated Ontology for Knowledge Graph-based Representation of Government Decisions and Acts Accept 785 24/Jan/2024
The RDF2vec Family of Knowledge Graph Embedding Methods Accept 797 04/Dec/2023
A smart data case study using Wikidata to expand access and discovery in the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts Reject (Two Strikes) 802 24/Jan/2024
ABECTO: Assessing Accuracy and Completeness of RDF Knowledge Graphs Reject (Two Strikes) 803 13/Oct/2023
Construction of Knowledge Graphs: Current State and Challenges Reject (Two Strikes) 807 20/Sep/2023
How to Create and Use a National Cross-domain Ontology and Data Infrastructure on the Semantic Web Accept 814 01/Feb/2024
Entity Linking with Out-of-Knowledge-Graph Entity Detection and Clustering using only Knowledge Graphs Reject 825 06/Feb/2024
The Role of Ontologies and Knowledge in Explainable AI Accept 827 12/Jan/2024
INK: Knowledge graph representation for efficient and performant rule mining Accept 834 23/Aug/2023
Generation of SPARQL Query Extension Indices Based on Query Logs and Data Reject 847 10/Oct/2023
Farspredict: A Benchmark Dataset for Link Prediction Reject 855 04/Feb/2024
Can you trust Wikidata? Accept 857 13/Feb/2024
Using Semantic Story Maps to Describe a Territory beyond its Map Accept 862 14/Nov/2023
Ontology-Based GraphQL Server Generation for Data Access and Data Integration Accept 874 06/Dec/2023
User Interaction Patterns for Linked Data Major Revision 888 18/Dec/2023
MAMBO: a lightweight ontology for multiscale materials and applications Reject 901 10/May/2023
PMLAP: A Methodology for Annotating SSML Elements into HTML5 Reject (Pre-Screening) 930 05/Jul/2022
Making Linked-Data Accessible: A Review Reject 951 23/Nov/2023
Semantic Technologies in Sensor-Based Personal Health Monitoring Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study Major Revision 952 18/Dec/2023