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Title Decision/Status Viewssort descending Updated
RehabRobo-Query: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud Accept 10,393 12/Sep/2018
XMLSchema2ShEx: Converting XML validation to RDF validation Accept 10,421 28/Aug/2018
FrameBase: Enabling Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge Accept 10,423 08/Apr/2018
Overview of the MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology Accept 10,472 15/Mar/2017
Semantic Web Journal Volume 5 Issue 6 Accept 10,479 14/Oct/2014
Vecsigrafo: Corpus-based Word-Concept Embeddings - Bridging the Statistic-Symbolic Representational Gap in Natural Language Processing Accept 10,545 04/Jun/2019
RODI: Benchmarking Relational-to-Ontology Mapping Generation Quality Accept 10,546 13/Apr/2018
Detecting Linked Data Quality Issues via Crowdsourcing: A DBpedia Study Accept 10,551 08/Apr/2018
A Five-Star Rating Scheme to Assess Application Seamlessness Accept 10,606 15/Mar/2017
Special Issue on the Semantics of Microposts Accept 10,616 01/Jul/2014
Flexible Query Processing for SPARQL Accept 10,749 08/Apr/2018
Evaluating Query and Storage Strategies for RDF Archives Accept 10,771 06/Aug/2018
Effective and Efficient Semantic Table Interpretation using TableMiner+ Accept 10,831 08/Apr/2018
Quality-Based Model For Effective and Robust Multi-User Pay-As-You-Go Ontology Matching Accept 10,841 15/Mar/2017
Temporal Representation and Reasoning in OWL 2 Accept 10,877 08/Apr/2018
Editorial Accept 10,878 09/Jun/2015
A Systematic Analysis of Term Reuse and Term Overlap across Biomedical Ontologies Accept 10,886 23/May/2018
On the Efficient Execution of Bounded Jaro-Winkler Distances Accept 10,893 15/Mar/2017
PrivOnto: a Semantic Framework for the Analysis of Privacy Policies Accept 10,972 23/May/2018
Forest Logging: A Trace-Based Analysis of Large Rule-Based Computations Accept 11,032 20/Apr/2016
The Humanitarian eXchange Language: Coordinating Disaster Response with Semantic Web Technologies Accept 11,064 20/Apr/2016
Automated Generation of Assessment Tests from Domain Ontologies Accept 11,082 08/Apr/2018
KnowMore - Knowledge Base Augmentation with Structured Web Markup Accept 11,099 05/Aug/2018
Using an Ontology for Representing the Knowledge on Literary Texts: the Dante Alighieri Case Study Accept 11,111 08/Apr/2018
Considerations regarding Ontology Design Patterns Accept 11,153 04/Nov/2015
Next Generation Scientific Publishing and the Web of Data Accept 11,154 25/May/2014
Probabilistic Description Logics under the Distribution Semantics Accept 11,181 20/Apr/2016
The Modular SSN Ontology: A Joint W3C and OGC Standard Specifying the Semantics of Sensors, Observations, Sampling, and Actuation Accept 11,191 09/Aug/2018
Query Answering over Contextualized RDF/OWL Knowledge with Forall-Existential Bridge Rules: Decidable Finite Extension Classes Accept 11,197 15/Mar/2017
A decade of Semantic Web research through the lenses of a mixed methods approach Accept 11,203 08/Apr/2020