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ScienceON Knowledge Graph System: Exploring New Frontiers in Science and Technology Information Integration System 20/Jun/2024 0
A Complex Network Model for Knowledge Graphs' Relationships 19/Jun/2024 0
Transformer-Based Architectures versus Large Language Models in Semantic Event Extraction: Evaluating Strengths and Limitations 18/Jun/2024 0
IncRML: Incremental Knowledge Graph Construction from Heterogeneous Data Sources 19/Jun/2024 0
PRSC: from PG to RDF and back, using schemas 20/Jun/2024 0
Retrieval-Augmented Generation-based Relation Extraction 14/Jun/2024 0
Multiset semantics in SPARQL, Relational Algebra and Datalog 19/Jun/2024 0
Knowledge Graphs and Data Services for Studying Historical Epistolary Data in Network Science on the Semantic Web 03/Jun/2024 0
Semantic Rules from Text: Automating Common-Sense Knowledge Curation with LLMs 20/Jun/2024 0
Improving the ShExML engine through a profiling methodology 17/Jun/2024 0
Engineering a formal representation of complex temporal Information using the Web Ontology Language 16/Jun/2024 0
Publishing and Using Parliamentary Linked Data on the Semantic Web: ParliamentSampo System for Parliament of Finland 21/Jun/2024 0
A Semantic Approach to Reducing GHG Emissions 31/May/2024 0
Compliance checking in the Semantic Web: an RDF-based conflict-tolerant version of the Deontic Traditional Scheme 19/Jun/2024 0
Temporal Relevance for Representing Learning over Temporal Knowledge Graphs 09/May/2024 0
NutriLink: An Ontology for Linking Digital Receipts to Food Nutrition Information and Dietary Recommendations 18/Jun/2024 0
Hierarchical Blockmodelling for Knowledge Graphs 09/May/2024 0
Possible Hyperworlds: representing Kripke models in RDF 07/Jun/2024 0
Managing FAIR Knowledge Graphs as Polyglot Data End Points: A Benchmark based on the rdf2pg Framework and Plant Biology Data 21/Jun/2024 0
Applying possibilistic axiom scoring to instance-guided ontology evolution in RDF streams 17/Jun/2024 0
CovKG: A Covid-19 Knowledge Graph for Enabling Multidimensional Analytics on Covid-19 Epidemiological Data considering Spatiotemporal, Environmental, Health, and Socioeconomic Aspects 03/Jun/2024 0
On the interplay between validation and inference in SHACL - an investigation on the Time Ontology 18/Jun/2024 0
Interoperability of bibliographic ontologies: towards a Reference Ontology to overcome semantic shortcomings and misalignments 19/Jun/2024 0
RDF Surfaces: Enabling Classical Negation on the Semantic Web 19/Jun/2024 0
A Concise Ontological Model of the Design and Optoelectronic Properties in the Quantum Cascade Laser Domain 21/Jun/2024 0
An Analysis of the Performance of Representation Learning Methods for Entity Alignment: Benchmark vs. Real-world Data 12/Jun/2024 0
Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation in the IoT Cybersecurity System 21/Jun/2024 0
A Knowledge Graph for Semantic-Driven Healthiness Evaluation of Online Recipes 20/Jun/2024 0
Digital Health Transformation: Leveraging Knowledge Graphs Reasoning Framework and Conversational Agents for Enhanced Knowledge Management 18/Jun/2024 0
Path-based and triplification approaches to mapping data into RDF: user behaviours and recommendations 21/Jun/2024 0
GloSIS: The Global Soil Information System Web Ontology 30/May/2024 0
CaLiGraph: A Knowledge Graph from Wikipedia Categories and Lists 01/Jun/2024 0
Visualisation of Ontology Changes and Evolution: A Systematic Literature Review 21/Jun/2024 0
A survey on SPARQL Query Relaxation Under the Lens of RDF Reification 29/May/2024 0
Multilingual Question Answering over Linked Data building on a model of the lexicon-ontology interface 20/Jun/2024 0
On General and Biomedical Text-to-Graph Large Language Models 21/Jun/2024 0
Harmonizing Heterogeneous Data: A Materialized Knowledge Graph Approach for Federated Information Systems 20/Jun/2024 0
Repairing $\mathcal{EL_\perp}$ Ontologies Using Debugging, Weakening and Completing 17/Jun/2024 0
A systematic literature review and classification of approaches for keyword search over graph-shaped data 17/Jun/2024 0
Pushing the Boundaries: Classification of Entity Alignment from RDF Embeddings 12/Jun/2024 0
A Systematic Literature Review on RDF Triple Generation from Natural Language Text 17/Jun/2024 0
Enhancing Ontology Matching: Lexically and Syntactically Standardizing Ontologies Through Customized Lexical Analyzers 20/Jun/2024 0
Matcha-DL a tool for supervised ontology alignment 21/Jun/2024 0
RePlanIT Ontology for FAIR Digital Product Passports of ICT: Laptops and Data Servers 17/Jun/2024 0
Semantic Enrichment of Hadith Corpus - Knowledge Graph Generation from Islamic Text 19/Jun/2024 0
HiHo: A Hierarchical and Homogenous Subgraph Learning Model for Knowledge Graph Relation Prediction 18/Jun/2024 0
End-to-End Trainable Soft Retriever for Low-resource Relation Extraction 21/Jun/2024 0
Generation of Semantic Knowledge Graphs from Maintenance Work Order Data 19/Jun/2024 0
The Epistemology of Fine-Grained News Classification 21/Jun/2024 0
SemPubFlow: a novel Scientific Publishing Workflow using Knowledge Graphs, Wikidata and LLMs – the CEUR-WS use case 08/Jun/2024 0