Applying Ontology Engineering to build a Poetry Domain Ontology.

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Elena González-Blanco García
Salvador Ros
Omar Khalil
Alvaro Pérez1
Javier de la Rosa1
Mirella de Sisto1
Laura Hernández
Elena del Mar Jiménez
Oscar Corcho
José Luis Rodríguez

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Cogan Shimizu

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Ontology Description
The growth of information and communication technologies and the new computational paradigms have fostered an increasingly interdisciplinary approach to research. The idiosyncrasy of literary studies has been an obstacle to its technological improvement for years, especially in representing their knowledge in a machine-readable format. The richness, variety, and different study perspectives that scholars find in their studies make this task a highly complex challenge. This complexity is even more noticed in the poetry genre, where each poetic tradition has independently developed its analytical terminology and methodology. In this work, we have addressed the construction of a poetry ontology to express the scholar´s knowledge spread out in isolated databases or works. Ontopoetry ontology has been developed following NeOn methodology, and it has been structured in three modules: a) Core, b) Poetic Analysis and c) Transmission, covering the essential aspects of a poetry literary study. This paper describes the ontology-building process and the design decisions taken during the process focusing on the design of the Core Module, its classes, relationships and proposed controlled vocabularies. Ontopoetry Core Module has reused CIDOC-CRM and FRBRoo ontologies guaranteeing its interoperability.
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