Dura-Europos Stories: Developing Interactive Storytelling Applications Using Knowledge Graphs for Cultural Heritage Exploration

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Katherine Thornton
Kenneth Seals-Nutt
Anne Chen

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Guest Editors Wikidata 2022

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Full Paper
We introduce Dura-Europos Stories, a multimedia application for viewing artifacts and places related to the Dura-Europos archaeological excavation. We describe the process of mapping data to the Wikidata data model as well as the process of contributing data to Wikidata. We provide an overview of the functionality of an interactive application for viewing images of the artifacts in the context of their metadata. We contextualize this project as an example of using knowledge graphs in research projects in order to leverage technologies of the Semantic Web in such a way that data related to the project can be easily combined with other data on the web. Presenting artifacts in this story-based application allows users to explore these objects visually, and provides pathways for further exploration of related information.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Alexandry Augustin submitted on 02/Oct/2023
Review Comment:

Thank you for amending the manuscript with my prior suggestions.

Review #2
Anonymous submitted on 19/Oct/2023
Review Comment:

Upon reviewing the current version of the manuscript, I am pleased with the improvements and the quality of the content presented. The authors have effectively addressed the previously highlighted concerns. The methodology is well-explained, the results are clearly presented, and the conclusion effectively summarizes the findings.

I'd like to remind the authors that using LLM to generate descriptions would not be time-consuming. Simply feeding all the elements into LLM and prompting it to generate a description could serve as a good baseline.

Overall, I believe this paper will make a valuable contribution to the existing body of literature. I recommend accepting it.