Linked European Television Heritage

Tracking #: 431-1572

Nikos Simou
Jean-Pierre Evain
Nasos Drosopoulos
Vasillis Tzouvaras

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Pascal Hitzler

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Dataset Description
The EUscreen project represents the European television archives and acts as a domain aggregator for Europeana, Europe's digital library. The main motivation for its creation was to provide unified access to a representative collection of television programs, secondary sources and articles, and in this way to allow students, scholars and the general public to study the history of television in its wider context. In this paper, we present the methodology followed for publishing the EUscreen dataset as Linked Open Data.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Aidan Hogan submitted on 17/Jan/2013
Review Comment:

Thanks to the authors for all of their careful revisions. I just have a few high-level/non-technical comments:

* The font of Figure 2 is far too small for printed versions.
* Spell-check again! ("whenerer", "bea", etc.)
* Comma separator for thousands in English (Table 1).
* Instead of making the text smaller at the end of the Conclusion (which looks weird), just let the paper run onto another page.

Review #2
By Emanuele Della Valle submitted on 30/Jan/2013
Review Comment:

I checked the comments. The paper is ready for publication.